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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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Quality Framework

Introduction to the Quality Framework

The Quality Framework was launched as a developmental (continuous improvement) tool. Since then, we have worked closely with arts organisations to review, refine and further develop the Quality Framework including an independent evaluation. 

While there are no major changes to the document, this second version of the Quality Framework builds on the evaluation and feedback from the officers and organisations who use it, and we will continue to develop it in preparation for a handover to Creative Scotland.

Designed as a self-assessment tool, it will encourage innovation and creativity in the organisations we fund, foster excellence and drive up standards and ensure that we respond to the needs and aspirations of audiences and participants.

The Framework provides information and guidance on key areas where quality is of paramount importance:

  • the artistic leadership and vision that creates high quality programmes of work
  • public engagement
  • accountability - governance, finance, management and compliance

Quality Framework Document (pdf)

Use of the Quality Framework by the Scottish Arts Council 

Operationally, the implementation of the Quality Framework impacts every aspect of the work we do, from the design of our funding agreements to its function as a cornerstone of the Flexible funding application process.

We intend that the processes and outputs that the guide promotes will:

  • Act as a clear set of expectations of performance
  • Inform Scottish Arts Council funding decisions (within the context of strategic priorities)
  • Will be necessary, but not sufficient in itself, to secure Scottish Arts Council funding
  • Evidence and demonstrate cumulative value for public fund

We expect all arts organisations to work with the Quality Framework, as it promotes best practice and continuous improvement. We will encourage organisations to use the Quality Framework to gather evidence which will allow them to demonstrate best practice to their stakeholders.

We aim to distil reporting requirements to further minimise bureaucracy but would wish to use the evidence provided individually and collectively to support and promote the sector.

Using the Quality Framework webpages

Within the Quality Framework publication, we identified areas of activity and loosely described core requirements. These web pages build on the publication, by providing additional guidance and signposting you to other useful sites, or to case studies within our website that showcase best practise.

*Artistic leadership
*Public engagement
*News and updates
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