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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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Scottish Arts Council logos and credit information

The Scottish Arts Council receives and distributes funding from the Scottish Government and from the National Lottery.  The grant you have received is funded by the public, so they need to know how and where this money is used.

A note on Creative Scotland. If you got funding from Scottish Arts Council you should credit Scottish Arts Council. Don’t say ‘Scottish Arts Council/Creative Scotland’ unless you have received Creative Scotland money.

You will need to wait until you get funding from Creative Scotland before crediting it. There will be accreditation details on the new Creative Scotland website (due in July).

If you don’t want to put a Scottish Arts Council logo in a publication with a long shelf-life (because it’ll look dated in six months time) you can use this text line instead: ‘this project was supported by the Scottish Arts Council’.

The exception is for National Lottery support through the Scottish Arts Council – here you must use the National Lottery logo (the high impact one is fine to use).

The Scottish Arts Council credit logo
The National Lottery Common Brand logo 
The relevant credit logos
Guidance on use of logos
Steps to follow

The Scottish Arts Council credit logo

The Scottish Arts Council champions the arts for Scotland.  When you use our credit logo (below), it demonstrates that you have benefited from Scottish Government funding through the Scottish Arts Council, and that the people of Scotland are proud to support your work.

Scottish Arts Council credit logo

The National Lottery Common Brand logo

There is also a special Good Causes credit logo which uses the National Lottery crossed-fingers symbol ('the National Lottery Common Brand Logo') to help people recognise where lottery funding has gone and to show which projects have been supported by the National Lottery through the Scottish Arts Council.

National Lottery Common Brand logo

Please help us celebrate the high quality and diversity of Scottish arts and culture by using the correct logos. 

Please see our dedicated partners area for the logo and guidelines relating to Scotland's Artist Residency Programme.

The relevant credit logos

It is an absolute condition of grant to individuals and organisations receiving funding from the Scottish Arts Council and/or the National Lottery through the Scottish Arts Council, that they must acknowledge this support on every possible occasion.  The source of grant funding will be indicated in the grant offer letter, which may also contain special conditions relating to publicity.

Important: a project may not be considered complete, and payments could be delayed or withheld, unless the correct acknowledgement has been made.

Guidance on use of logos

It is essential that you read the guidelines for general use of the credit logos before downloading the logos.  The guidelines give guidance on using the Scottish Arts Council and National Lottery Common Brand logos for specific projects, such as books and buildings.  Please seek advice from your lead officer or from the Scottish Arts Council Help Desk if you are uncertain.

Innovation Fund

If you get support from the Creative Scotland Innovation Fund please use this logo

 creative scotland innovation fund


1. Download and read the logo guidelines THEN

2. Download the relevant logos

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