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London 2012 and Glasgow 2014

Artist taking the Lead | Unlimited | Legacy Trust UK

Legacy Trust UK - People Making Waves

People Making Waves is a vehicle to invite the people of Scotland to connect with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Olympic Movement in general to express its values of excellence, respect, equality, courage, determination, inspiration and friendship in waves of voluntary action that reach out locally, nationally and internationally in a celebration of humanity through sport, culture and learning. People Making Waves will focus on creating a legacy through people’s awareness and involvement in the Olympic Movement.

Volunteer Development Scotland and its partner agencies Voluntary Arts Scotland, Demos and Greater London Volunteering will directly connect with at least 1% of Scotland’s adult population (approximately 50,000 individuals) including a significant proportion of individuals who do not normally get involved, to engage and to be able to create a personal story about their relationship with the Games and the friendships and networks created through volunteering and voluntary activity. 

There are four “waves”:

  1. My Volunteering, an online resource for use by all volunteers to create and record their volunteering experience and learning.  It is a user friendly way of recording, sharing and creating stories of people’s involvement in making waves and the Games.  It will also act as a tool for groups to advertise their volunteering opportunities and to evaluate and share their group contributions to the Games, including the other waves of activity below.
  2. Make a Splash is a small grants programme for voluntary arts and cultural groups (partner agency Voluntary Arts Scotland.)  The aim of these grants is to seek to involve people in expressing themselves and in doing so to create stories inspired by the Olympics.  The small grants will be supported by a Scotland-wide series of awareness training and development events and will conclude with a festival celebratory event.
  3. A Scottish Wave of Change (Partner agency Demos, the Think Tank for Everyday Democracy.)   This will engage people in the democratic development possibilities of the Olympic Movement.  It will be based on debates about the future and develop a set of processes by which people can discuss and consider the possibilities and challenges, looking at a range of matters around volunteering participation, engagement in arts, culture, sport, community activism and will explore the link to Glasgow 2014 and the Commonwealth Games.
  4. The Wave of Friendship is a volunteer exchange programme between Scotland and London (partner agency Greater London Volunteering.) 

People Making Waves was launched as part of the 2009 Open Weekend and will run to March 2013.  It is the first Scottish based project to be awarded the Inspired by Mark.

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