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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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spaces in between

The Scottish Arts Council is organising Spaces In Between, a national conference bringing together policy makers, health professionals, and artists in health, arts, and social policy to explore and articulate the importance of this work in Scotland.

Spaces In Between

Date: Tuesday 23 March 2010
Time: 9am to 5pm
Venue: Scottish Youth Theatre, Glasgow, G1 1TF
Cost: £60 for day’s conference
(price includes lunch and refreshments)
Extra Cost: £20 for dinner and evening performance
Spaces In Between programme (pdf) is now available

Programme overview
Programme details
Booking details

Programme overview

Ministerial addresses
Keynote speakers
Breakout sessions
Optional dinner and evening performance

Ministerial addresses

keynote speakers

Breakout sessions

Delegates have the option to choose 3 from the following 6 breakouts which are looking at subjects such as the impact of creativity on young people’s mental health and wellbeing, and the effectiveness of arts partnerships within health and community settings.

  1. Finding Creative Identity
    Visible Fictions
  2. 'Starcatchers' - Creating performances for babies and toddlers in Scotland
  3. ‘Red Nose Coming’ - Dementia and Clowning: between innocence and experience
    Hearts & Minds
  4. Windows of opportunity…The lure of art space.
    Recovering choice and freedom to be…

    Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health 
  5. Performance projects
  6. Breaking Down Barriers and Building Bridges:exploring art in the healing environment
    Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board
    Grampian Hospitals Art Trust

Programme details

Fiona Hyslop - Minister for Culture and External Affairs

Fiona Hyslop


For details about Fiona Hyslop please visit the Scottish Parliament website

Shona Robison - Minister for Public Health and Sport

Shona Robison 


For details about Shona Robison please visit the Scottish Parliament website

Keynote speakers:Juan Bautista Peña and Inés Sanguinetti of Crear vale la Pena, Argentina

'To Wellbeing through Culture and Arts: the good old track'

Preliminary Statement for keynote by Juan Bautista Peña

"The time has arrived when humanity needs that some of its subjects move away from merely standing among those who have ceased repeating that “…whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should…” . Our universe is vanishing and it is about to be lost in the miasma of pitiful pseudo brightness we ourselves have forged and keep on wandering through, and though positive will and action for change are needed.

Time demands that we should be able to say -and even yell- that we have been reasoning and hence moving –as reason has been our horse and carriage- wrongly. We must cease renewing ways of “round trip” thinking and dare to think boldly different: “nothing is as powerful in the world as an idea whose time has come ” We must allow ideas to grow freely. We must search in the memory of our humanity and recall how it was to think before we agreed to adapt to a unique accepted wisdom, because –as it has been said- “a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a Heaven for?” .

The frame of our epochal beliefs must be broken, brought into pieces and burned, in order to free our minds so as to be able to say with others “…in the stump of a foot I saw another foot growing and a new wing in the stump of a wing . Altogether, we have reached the time for arts and culture to take over the task of development, for we have finally met face to face with the limits of reason.

Juan Bautista Peña
 holds a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Católica Argentina, a degree in Philosophy from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and a Postgratuate in Local Economic Development from the Universidad Nacional de San Martín and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

In 1970 he began working in the banking community of Buenos Aires, Argentina, retiring as General Manager of an important national Bank in order to run his own business as a financial advisor, specialized in bankruptcy, mergers, acquisitions and reorganization of businesses. In 1990 he moved into the social sector, founding three NGOs in Argentina–El Otro, Emprender and Crear vale la pena.

In 1996 he was hired alternatively by the Federal Government, the Province of Tucumán and private donors, in order to design and launch organizational frames and devices aiming to achieve development with equity in chains of value concerning poor rural communities.

Keynote speaker:Inés Sanguinetti
'Arts within community: new scenarios for well being'

The crisis that Latin American societies are experiencing, is not a particular one: it is a global crisis. Indicators measuring poverty show that during periods of growth, neither the population living under the line of poverty experiences improvement, nor does the gap between the poorest and the richest decrease. These facts prove that the current political, economic and social system, is no longer able to generate a sustainable welfare for everybody. The answer entails a deep change, based on the building up of new values, a new culture and new laws to foster equality.

Inés Sanguinetti is a dancer and choreographer. She received her degree in Sociology from the University of El Salvador in 1982, and is currently writing her thesis on the construction of subjectivity—by means of art—in contexts of poverty.

She is Co-founder and President of Crear vale la pena [It is Worthwhile to Create], a non-governmental organisation that, since 1997, has developed a program of social integration for youngsters in Argentina combining education in the arts, artistic production and social organisation as means to promote social and individual development.


Keynote speakers:
Kirsty Stansfield, Senior Project Manager at Art in Hospital
Dr Mun Woo, Consultant in Renal Medicine

'Case Notes'

Exploring the process, context and place of artistic practice in a health & wellbeing context through conversations with an artist and a doctor

We are relating to each other through art, achievement and process.It’s a very different conversation to illness, treatment and doctors
Lucy Bates, artist

Kirsty Stansfield is a visual artist with over 15 years experience working in the area of arts & health alongside her own art practice. Kirsty’s work involves sculpture, sound, video, interactive installations and lots of conversations. She has worked with a broad range of practitioners from different fields, including: choreographer, Colette Sadler, dancers, musicians, computer scientists and actors.

Recent projects have been developed in situations of health care where she has worked with elderly women living in a continuing care ward; a choreographer and actors in a Communication Suite at The Medical School, Glasgow University exploring non-verbal communication to enact authentic experience; and parents and medical staff in a Neonatal Unit working with artist Steven Anderson. She has just completed a practice-based PhD entitled, "Practice Scores: A Toolkit for Artistic Research" at the University of Dundee.

Kirsty currently works as Senior Project Manager at Art in Hospital and as Arts Facilitator with Rachel Clive and the Tramway Theatre Arts Group.



Dr Woo Graduated from medical school at the University of Sydney, Australia in 1992. Mun then went travelling around Europe, landing in Scotland in 1993 when she ran out of funds. She Completed specialist  training in Renal Medicine in 2001 and worked at the Western Infirmary/ Inverclyde Royal since returning from Vancouver, Canada in 2005.

Mun has championed a long-term creative arts programme for kidney dialysis patients since a
pilot project in 2007 and has exhibited patients' artworks at national kidney meetings and the McLean Gallery, Greenock.

In September 2008, she accepted an 'Innovations in Renal Medicine Award' in recognition of efforts in developing the creative arts programme for dialysis patients.

 Penny Rae - Chair

Penny Rae is a writer and producer. She contributes regularly to publications about cultural and social issues and has written and edited work around issues of asylum and immigration, health care, the European community and the criminal justice system.

She has collaborated with DailyLife on the following publications:'New Young Europeans', 'Living Europe', 'You, me and TB'.

She has edited a diversity of publications for the British Council including: 'Words Without Walls' , 'Identity Papers' 'Conversations with Russia' and 'I am Who I am'.

She has worked with DailyLife on the production of publications, exhibitions, promotional films and installations.

Breakout Sessions:

Finding Creative Identity

delivered by:
Suzi Morrice, Theatre Practitioner
Paul Gorman, Head of Education and Participation Visible Fictions.

Visible Fictions

Scottish Prison Service

This workshop will explore the process adopted through practical exercises and the presentation of findings from the work of Visible Fictions.

Over the past two years Visible Fictions, in partnership with Polmont Young Offenders Institution, has supported young men to redefine their identity through a creative process.

Visible Fictions is one of Scotland’s leading theatre companies creating vibrant, high quality and accessible theatre for both young people and adults alike, developing vibrant education and participation projects which enthuse all who connect with them, helping participants to discover their own artistic potential and inspire their own learning.


'Starcatchers' - Creating performances for babies and toddlers in Scotland

Delivered by:
Rhona Matheson, Starcatchers Project Manager, and
Starcatchers Artists and representatives from partner organisations

This session will outline how the Starcatchers project is working with parents, carers and children to provide positive interventions at this crucial stage of child development.

Starcatchers is a project which develops and creates performances for babies, toddlers and their parents or carers.

Starcatchers is dedicated to giving very young children positive creative experiences which will excite and inspire them as well as nurture their development.


'Red Nose Coming’
Dementia and Clowning: between innocence and experience

Delivered by: 
Magdalena Schamberger, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Hearts & Minds and
Peter Lerpinierre, Alzheimers' disease nurse specialist at Borders General Hospital 

Hearts and Mind performing

This session will focus on the balance/imbalance between the innocence of the clown performer and the realities and experiences of the participants affected by dementia.

What happens to the basic principles of clowning if failure and making mistakes is already part of daily life and feeling out of control is routine?


Hearts & Minds is an Edinburgh-based charity, set up in 1997 to work with vulnerable people in hospital and hospice care using European style theatre Clowning and the performing arts. Its Clowndoctors programme was launched in 1999 in five hospitals across Scotland.

Hearts and Mind performing

Following the success of this programme for sick and hospitalised children, Hearts & Minds developed the ground breaking Elderflowers programme in 2001. The Elderflowers programme uses clowning and the performing arts to address and overcome challenges in communicating and engaging with elderly people with dementia.

Hearts & Minds have also developed a training programme for healthcare staff, and the Elderflowers programme has now inspired similar programmes across the globe, including Australia and Canada.


Windows of opportunity…The lure of art space.
Recovering choice and freedom to be…

Delivered by:
Niki Kandirikirira, Associate Consultant, Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health (SDC)

This workshop will explore the role of artistic practice and art practitioners in creating and managing arts space for people in, or transitioning from, institutional health and care settings, based on a process of reflective research with Art Angel, Art in Hospital and Positive Mental Attitudes.

Participants will explore the challenges and delights of creating and managing arts space, how it is negotiated with the institutions and commissioners, how it is developed and protected, its physical lure and the immediate and longer term opportunities it creates.

This workshop will discuss the various systems of referral and the questions of ‘What price freedom?’ and ‘Who pays?’

Over the last nine months SDC has been working with three arts in health projects to better understand the relationships between the artist, the art project and the institutions and the benefits this creates for the individuals that participate, the institutions and in some instances community wellbeing.


Performance projects

The YelloWing

Writer and Performer: Julia Taudevin
Director: Amanda Monfrooe
AV Artist: Sha Nazir
Produced by PEST

Jane is starting to feel like her old self again as she is granted the opportunity to return to her creative practice. Far from home, husband and baby she has been spending her days surrounded by stimulating artists and her nights locked in the optic hell of a Sleep-otel hotel room.

She is ready to reject the forces that try to keep her balanced, block her creativity and lock her in this half life. To-night we witness the final stages of Jane’s decision to stop waiting to see if it will always be this way.

This highly physical solo performance is a contemporary response to turn-of-the-century short story The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The YelloWing explores the relationship between creativity and mental wellbeing, challenging the logic of the persistent culture of prescription and restriction.

YelloWing trailer

by Theatre Modo

Director: Martin Danziger
Performer: Suzie Ferguson
Designer: Brian Hartley
Musical Director: Marcus Britton

A playful, powerful and poignant clown show exploring the experience of being hospitalised. SICK follows a patient through the absurdities of imposed routines, and unexplained procedures revealing her darkest thoughts and her wildest imaginings as medication, boredom, and illness give wings to her flights of fancy. Personally inspired and developed in collaboration with NHS and patient groups.



by Glen Dickson

Directed by Glen Dickson
Starring Kirsty Miller

Rage, reckless spending, blatant lying, hallucinations, alcohol abuse, hyper sexuality......all in the space of one afternoon.
We sneak a peak at the journal of Sophie Jenkins as she tries to make sense from the roller coasting chaos that is her life.

Cluttered a new play by Glen Dickson, deals with the dizzy highs and extreme lows of living with the Bipolar Disorder. Sophie wants to follow her dream of being a stand up comic but how can she achieve this when most days she finds it hard to actually stand up.

Breaking Down Barriers and Building Bridges: exploring art in the healing environment

Art, Architecture and Health in collaboration: working processes and challenges in two NHS bodies

Delivered by:
Jackie Sands, Strategic Arts and Health Coordinator NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and
Anne Moore, Curator NHS Grampian Art Trust (GHAT)

This session will reflect on progress, working processes, structures and challenges in supporting arts commissioning and developing arts partnerships across NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and NHS Grampian.

How have recent government and arts sector initiatives and policies made a difference to the experiences of patients, visitors and staff? Where are we in terms of cultural readiness for accepting the arts sector as partners in healthcare? What more can be done to break down barriers and build bridges?

The 2006 Scottish Executive Policy on Design Quality for NHS Scotland and the requirement that all Health Boards produce a Design Action Plan have raised the profile of arts and environment interventions within NHS Scotland. There is a growing evidence base for the value and importance of arts interventions in healthcare settings.

Optional dinner and evening performance

Clod Ensemble in collaboration with Peggy Shaw
Produced by Fuel

I have been thirteen bodies in my life, this is only one of them.

MUST by clod ensemble

In collaboration with Clod Ensemble theatre company, legendary New York performance artist Peggy Shaw takes the audience on a journey across the landscape of her own body.

Renowned for her own gender bending autobiographical work, she recounts her extraordinary experiences of the medical profession from her current perspective as a 65-year-old lesbian grandmother. MUST weaves together the stories of a lifetime - giving birth on the way to Woodstock, her mother’s electric shock treatment in 1950s America, the loss of a loved one – with projected microscopic images, and live musicians performing a powerful score for piano, double bass and violin.

Booking details

Spaces In Between: Mental Health & Wellbeing Through the Arts


  • £60 per delegate excluding dinner and performance
  • £80 per delegate including dinner and performance

Lunch and refreshments are included within the cost

Please Note:

  • Registration is by e-form (see link below) and will take approximate 6 minutes
  • Confirmation of your place will only be provided upon payment
  • Payment is by invoice from the Scottish Arts Council, please ensure that you provide the correct invoicing details when filling in your registration. This is clearly marked within the form
  • An e-ticket confirming your place and workshop choices will be emailed to you a week prior to the conference. Please print this out and bring it with you
  • Provision for access requirements and dietary preferences is available, please clearly mark your requests in the appropriate spaces on the form

Booking deadline has now passed

If you need further information about the conference

 email:  spacesinbetween@scottisharts.org.uk

Ministerial and keynote links
* Shona Robison
* Fiona Hyslop
* Kirsty Stansfield
* Juan Bautista Peña and Inés Sanguinetti
Breakout links
* Visible Fictions
* Hearts&Minds
* Julia Taudevin
* Theatre Modo
Performers links
* Clod ensemble
* Performing medicine
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