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Scotland: Creative Nation, Cultural Summit

 25 - 27 February 2008, Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Over 400 delegates from across a range of sectors gathered at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre 25-27 February for three unique days of exploration, discussion and debate of pertinent issues in the context of the development of Creative Scotland. 

Cultural Summit Audio Downloads

Enhanced audio recordings of speakers' presentations (audio with accompanying visual slides) are now available. Click on the appropriate link below, according to your podcasting viewer,  to subscribe to the Creative Nation Podcast Series.

Creative Nation Podcast (one click subscription in iTunes )

Firefox etc

Creative Nation Podcast  (link to subscription in other podcasting software)


This is the address of the Creative Nation podcasting feed if it is necessary to manually paste in to your podcatcher;


Enhanced audio downloads of the presentations are also available in additional formats ( .mov and .m4a ) from our Cultural Summit download webpage, and in plain audio (  .mp3) along with links to notes of the keynote up close sessions. Text transcripts of the Speakers presentations are available on request.

Cutting across all three days were these key themes:

The Impact of the Arts
Innovation and New Artistic Practice
Engagement and Participation

Impact was highlighted on Day 1; Innovation on Day 2; and Participation on Day 3

The following document for The Cultural Summit is available for download;

If you have any queries please email Cultural Summit.

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