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Education and lifelong learning

Information about education, lifelong learning and the arts in Scotland including key contacts, guidelines and strategy document.
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Cultural Co-ordinators in Schools
Cultural Co-ordinators work to facilitate arts and cultural heritage visits, events and workshops for their local schools. This list gives contact details of the co-ordinators and also states which Local Authority they work for in Scotland.
Cultural Co-ordinators in Schools (Excel list)
Cultural Co-ordinators work on facilitating arts and cultural heritage visits, events, and workshops for their local schools. This is a list of contact details for the co-ordinators which also states which Local Authority they work for in Scotland.
Mapping of training opportunities for teaching artists in Scotland
Mapping of training opportunities for teaching artists in Scotland’ was undertaken by BOP Consulting and commissioned by the Federation of Scottish Theatre on behalf of the Scottish Arts Council. Sitting within the context of reforms in the Scottish Education system the report-largely through consultation with teaching artists – explores how they acquire skills to work in education settings and what opportunities exist for them to develop and update those skills.
Creative Links Officers/ Cultural Co-ordinator Managers in Scotland
A list of Creative Links & Cultural Co-ordinator Managers in Scotland. Creative links posts access local, national and international professional arts resources to augment arts experiences for children and young people in their area.
Arts and Cultural Learning (poster)
This poster is aimed at teachers and has a Curriculum for Excellence theme. The poster also highlights the benefits of working with Cultural Co-ordinators within the Expressive Arts and identifies where educators can find Cultural Co-ordinators within their local authorities to help support and develop expressive arts project ideas and partnerships with local and national arts organisations.
Arts and Cultural Learning
Learning from the Cultural Co-ordinators in Scottish schools programme. This booklet gives an early indication and review of the benefits of the Cultural Co-ordinator programme as drawn from the monitoring report commissioned by the Scottish Arts Council, carried out by ERS Research and Consultancy, published in July 2009. The data was provided by local authorities.
Quick Guide (Arts Education)
Aimed at artists, arts organisations, partners and other policy makers, the Quick Guides give a brief snapshot of the current context in each artform and in the areas of audience development and education, where specialist teams work across the organisation. The Quick Guides highlight priorities in crafts, dance, drama, literature, music, visual arts, audience development and arts education. They describe the steps we will take in each area of the arts to ensure we meet our goal.
The Art of Learning
This publication demonstrates how the arts and creativity can be used across the curriculum. This practical guide will share some of the learning that emerged from the Arts Across the Curriculum project, and illustrates – through case studies – the process, impact, and links to Curriculum for Excellence. This is a resource for the whole schools’ community and all those with an interest in quality learning and teaching.
Education Work of Foundation Organisations
This report, commissioned by the Scottish Arts Council, presents an analysis of information gathered on the education work and the strategic and operational approaches of organisations in receipt of Scottish Arts Council foundation funding (Foundation Organisations). The data collected revealed a number of patterns and commonalities in the way that organisations perceive and approach education work.
Executive Summary by CAHRU on Dance-in-Schools Initiative
This report presents the findings from an evaluation undertaken by the Child and Adolescent Health Research Unit (CAHRU) at The University of Edinburgh of the ‘Dance-in-Schools Initiative’ (DISI). The DISI consisted of a five-week programme of dance, delivered to primary and secondary school pupils across all 32 local authorities in Scotland between 2005 and 2008.
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