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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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Information about drama in Scotland including research reports, contact lists and strategy documents.
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Reviews of strategies 2002/07 and challenges for the way ahead
The Scottish Arts Council aims to help artists and organisations fulfil their creative and business potential; increase participation in the arts; and place the arts, culture and creativity at the heart of learning. This document provides a brief summary of recent accomplishments and some pointers to the challenges ahead.
Public Art Plan 2009/10
The purpose of the Public Art Plan 2009-10 is to outline the Scottish Arts Council’s plan to develop and support public art during 2009-10.
Drama contacts
This information sheet provides details of Scottish theatre companies, venues, theatre networking and touring contacts. Information on trades unions, professional bodies and associations is also listed.
Development of the Infrastructure and Support of Live Art in Scotland
This study aimed to identify if there was a need for a recognised infrastructure to respond strategically to new artist’s practices and ideas. It assessed the existing approaches and models that support both emerging and established Live Art practioners and investigated examples of good practice from other countries. It recommended improvements to enhance existing developments and support structures, and identified organisations that could potentially develop their role in supporting Live Art in Scotland.
Development of the Street Arts Sector in Scotland
The aim of this study was to explore the current status and future aspirations of the Street Art sector in Scotland and to identify opportunities for its further development. This was achieved by gathering information about the sector, reviewing its development in both Scotland and England, as well as other parts of Europe and investigated the future needs of the Street Arts community. It concluded by recommending actions that could inform the development of a Street Arts strategy.
Feasibility Study into International Exposure for Scottish Theatre and Dance Artists
This research commissioned by the Scottish Arts Council and conducted by RGA Ltd sought to review opportunities for improvement in the international promotion of Scotland-based theatre and dance artists. The researchers consulted with a wide range of stakeholders including artists; arts organisations; promoters and producers during this research and used examples of good practice from other countries to formulate their recommendations for improvements in this area in Scotland.
Appraisal of options for the future accommodation of The National Theatre of Scotland
Report commissioned by the Scottish Arts Council, on behalf of the Scottish Executive, to appraise options for future accommodation of the NToS using HM Treasury’s ‘Green Book’ method.
Theatre Touring Strategy 2006-2011
The overall aim of the five year Scottish Arts Council Theatre Touring Strategy is to ensure that high quality theatre of all types is available to as large a number and as broad a range of people across Scotland as possible.
The Potential of Puppetry: A Review of the Sector in Scotland
A review of the puppetry sector in Scotland produced by the Scottish Arts Council. This review was prompted by recognition that, while puppetry has a positive artistic, recreational, educational and social value (given its ability to be larger than life, accessible and cross-cultural) the puppetry sector in Scotland appeared to lack a profile.
Drama forum 2005 - Breakout notes
Notes from the Drama Forum 2005 Breakout sessions.
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