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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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Legacy Trust FAQs

What is this fund seeking to achieve in Scotland?

It is likely that the majority of projects the trust supports will be eligible for inclusion in the programme for the Cultural Olympiad, but not necessarily all of them. Grants will be made under three broad themes: sport and wellbeing, knowledge and learning and arts and culture.

Proposals must meet at least one of the six desired outcomes;

  • accessibility for all
  • viewing cultural diversity
  • promoting participation
  • promoting equality of opportunity
  • promoting inclusive communities
  • reducing disadvantage and exclusion

For Scotland additional principles have been agreed:

  • projects that express a legacy in relation to the 2014 Commonwealth Games are welcome
  • that a target figure is set for activities that focus on young people
  • that a target figure of £500,000 is ringfenced for a core sports programme
  • that projects that involve all three of the broad themes are welcome
  • that projects with a national impact are welcome

Given the scale of the projects it is likely that successful applications will be submitted by consortia of organisations, with a lead partner which has a proven ability to deliver projects and has credibility in their sector as a leader of good practice.  Potential partners could come from any area of the cultural sector.

Where has this money come from?

Legacy Trust UK is a new charitable trust set up to meet the new challenge of maximising the cultural and sporting legacy of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  The combination of funding (£24m Millennium Commission, £5m BiG, £5m ACE (all lottery funding) and £6m from DCMS in grant-in-aid) will have a far greater impact than small, individual schemes.

And the Trust has a responsibility to secure additional funding by building on the initial endowment of £40m.

Is this the same funding that’s supporting the Cultural Olympiad

The (independent) Millennium Commission, which recently wound up its work.decided that a new independent Trust should oversee spending of the money left over from its work.

The Government supports this decision and has endowed the trust with an additional £6million to run the UK School Games, a scheme which fits well with the ideology of the Trust. BiG and ACE have provided further endowments of £5m each from previous lottery allocations, in support of the Trust’s aims.

Is this additional money for the Olympics?

No - this was a decision made by the Lottery bodies and the funding comes from previous lottery allocations, the bulk being from the Millennium Commission residual funding. It will not be spent on the core Olympic costs.  The Trust will help with wider celebrations and drive wider legacy benefits.

How exactly will the Trust raise extra funds? What “public” sources will they tap?

The Trust has three main routes for raising extra funds:

  • LOCOG sponsors through the activation programme;
  • Other Charitable trusts;
  • Match funding from delivery partners. These could be RDAs, Local Authorities or even the Scottish Executive/Welsh Assembly

In addition, private sector companies may provide support. 

Has The Legacy Trust been set a target for extra funds raised?

In its bid, Legacy Trust UK set itself a target to double the value of the endowment to £80m.

How and where the funds will be spent?

The board has decided to allocate half of its funds to four UK wide projects including the UK Schools Games and three others which are under development. The three other UK wide activities will go to tender in the Spring.

The board has also decided to allocate the other funds via nations (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and the nine English regions.

How do people/projects get their hands on this money?

The Scottish Arts Council is looking to support ambitious projects that will leave a sustainable cultural legacy for Scotland.  Therefore, Legacy Trust funding will not be available for open application.  Once projects are developed and funding awarded, successful projects will be published on the Scottish Arts Council website

QUERIES TO legacy.trust@scottisharts.org.uk

For further details about the Legacy Trust’s aims, please refer to the Legacy Trust website

Has its administration costs been set?

Administration spend is capped at 10% of overall spend.

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