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Carol Rhodes

Glasgow based artist Carol Rhodes is one of the recent recipients of the Scottish Arts Council's National Lottery funded £15,000 awards for Visual Arts.  These awards allow artists to explore new ideas and/or realise significant projects.

Black River (2005);oil on board:Carol Rhodes

Carol Rhodes’ paintings have been discussed in a range of terms over recent years.

The particular ‘psychology’ created by her distancing of the motif and vertiginous aerial perspective has prompted notions of estrangement, agoraphobia and the uncanny.

Other commentators have taken a quasi-ecological interpretation, picking up on her industrial or post-industrial landscapes, addressing aspects of our anaesthetic functionalising of the environment. Equally, the work has been read in terms of its sophisticated pictorial invention and formal experiment, or as exploring art’s fictionality through the work’s mixing of photographic, observed and invented sources.

Carol's new works, created very slowly as is her usual practice, continue the high viewpoints and almost parallel perspectives of past paintings. At the same time colouristic, formal, and painterly drama have become ever more inventive. Within what seems a highly restrained process, the precise differences of touch, tone, space and structure are more and more telling. Town (2005);oil on board:Carol Rhodes

Park (2001);oil on board:Carol Rhodes Alongside a delight in illusionistic devices and conventions is a concern with brushmark that is unexpectedly emotive. A range in mood and metaphorical tenor is evident. A slow, unfolding response from the viewer is demanded, inducing shifts of emotional pace and imaginative register.

The complexity and variousness of each painting involves us, empathetically, as if in a narrative; one that has however no linear, consecutive argument or conclusion, and which makes evident the limitation of any single reading of the painting.

Carol Rhodes is based in Glasgow and her works have been exhibited at shows across Scotland and around the world. Her most recent exhibit was in 2006 at the Andrew Mummery Gallery in London. She has also exhibited her work at the Brent Sikkema Gallery in New York, the Angles Gallery in Santa Monica and the Tramway Project Room in Glasgow.

Funded by the National Lottery through the Scottish Arts Council.

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