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Open Frequency

Open Frequency is a curated online programme presenting new developments in contemporary art. Selected artists are nominated by key curators, writers and artists from across the UK. Recently profiled Scotland-based artists include Katy Dove, Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan, Camilla Low, Toby Paterson and Hayley Tompkins.

Open Frequency is a programme area of Axis, the arts council funded leading online resource for the contemporary art community.

Agnes Nedregard

Norwegian-born artist Agnes Nedregard moved to Scotland to undertake the Masters in Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art after studying textiles and history of art in Bergen, Norway. Her artistic practice investigates the language of the body through a dialogue between space, movement and psychologically-charged imagery.

Her references and influences range from the works of Samuel Beckett, Pina Bausch, John Cage, David Lynch, Lisa Dillan and Nicola Barker, amongst many others, and at the core of her practice is an investigation of the performative through various means - live performance, video, sound, animation, sculpture and drawing.

'St Petersburg Polka' performance, Agnes Nedregard, 2006

Still from 'Under Darunter' film, Agnes Nedregard, 2005

Nedregard utilizes improvisation and play to explore and respond to specific spaces and situations, making use of costume, props and the framing possibilities of the camera, to explore a language of movement drawn from a bodily memory of physical and mental experiences - to reveal the history of experiences stored dormant in the body.

Influenced by French phenomenologist Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s concept of the ‘body-subject’ as an alternative to the Cartesian body-mind split, Nedregard investigates the absurd, irrational and contradictory aspects of human existence, which lie beyond the logical and which speak to our whole register of perception, emotions and experiences.

Still from 'Untitled (suspended)' film, Agnes Nedregard, 2005  'The House of a Thousand Pleasures', Agnes Nedregard  Still: 'A Penny for your Dreams, Little Girl', Agnes Nedregard 

The artist continually investigates the possibilities and limitations of performance, stating ‘I find performance as a medium extremely difficult. For me, being able to capture the moment of the meeting between the performer and audience is the crux of performance art – to obtain the feeling of a shared, unpredictable moment – while utilizing the tools of the medium to the maximum. Everyone has a body – and so the body as a tool of communication transgresses the barriers of language, culture and class’.

Still from 'Pink Burned' film, Agnes Nedregard, 2006

Space, costume, props, the camera and her audience become ‘partners’ with whom Nedregard interacts. By isolating raw, close-up imagery, the artist foregrounds the tactile relationship between body and environment, and signifies the real presence of the body in the physical world.


Nedregard graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2005 and has exhibited widely internationally. She frequently collaborates with other artists, based on a shared research interest – her collaborators include Harold Nono, a Scottish based composer, Karo Kollwitz, a sculptor from Germany, Raquel Nicoletti, a trapeze performer from Brazil, Moray Hillary, a Scottish painter, and several others. From 2004 - 2005 she worked with Molly Haslund and Anthony Schrag in the Glasgow based performance group FireBirds.

Nedregard is currently the artist in residence at Stills Gallery, Edinburgh, ending in January 2008. She lives and works in Glasgow.

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