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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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Visual Arts features archive

The Scottish Arts Council is proud to support the many exciting visual arts projects and activities on the go throughout Scotland.  Browse through this list of past features and select one by clicking on the image or hyperlink to read more. Features include profiles of artists and visual arts venues and organisations

View the current Visual Arts feature

Artist of the month | Venue of the month

Visual arts articles

Jane and Louise Wilson, Unfolding the Aryan Papers, 2009, Talbot Rice Gallery

Edinburgh Art Festival; 5 August - 5 September 2009

A taster of film and video works on during the Edinburgh Art Festival. All featured artists are supported by the Scottish Arts Council Visual Art New Work fund.

Travelling Gallery bus

The Travelling Gallery celebrates its 30th birthday this August with a new exhibition. about the seaside.


A fund to develop new web-based or digital artworks, devices and creative applications

Martin Boyce

Martin Boyce selected for Venice Biennale 2009

Martin Boyce, Visual artist, has been selected to represent Scotland at the 2009 Venice Biennale...read more

Visual arts artists

Commonwealth Suite, Collective Gallery

Commonwealth Suite features two new Collective film commissions from Jordan Baseman and Henna-Riikka Halonen....read more 

Robert Churm, Axolotl, 2009, mezzotint. Image courtesy of the artist and Sorcha Dallas

Rob Churm's upcoming show at GoMA

Rob Churm was a recipient of the Scottish Arts Council Visual Arts Creative and Professional Development Award 2008/09....read more 

The Remains of Sybil, Karen Cunningham, 2008

Karen Cunnigham's Scottish Arts Council funded Amsterdam Residency

Glasgow based artist Karen Cunningham introduces her residency...read more 

Welcome Projection, Platform, 2008 Katy Dove. Photo by Alan Dimmick

Katy Dove

Supported by a Scottish Arts Council funded residency at Platform. 

The Harrachov Exchange, Matt Hulse, 2006. Image courtesy of Al Crow

Matt Hulse

Supported by a Scottish Arts Council / Scottish Screen Artist’s Film & Video Award.   

Stefan working on ink, ~ in the fields, 2008

~in the fields

Scottish Arts Council New Media Residency at Abertay.   

“the Beutician”

Darren Farquhar

Darren Farquhar is a performance artist based in Edinburgh. 

Untitled. Lyndsay Mann, 2008

Lyndsay Mann

Her practice can be viewed as existing at the intersection of two individual characters…

New York and Amsterdam residencies

An update from visual artists’ residencies in New York and Amsterdam in 2008 - Rob Kennedy and Karen Cunningham tell us about their experiences so far.

Chapel Performance Still, 2001, Claire Todd

Claire Todd

The performers that Todd collaborates with come from different walks of life...

I'll Grow on You, Mixed Media, 2006

The Lonely Piper

Lonely Piper is my artistic nom de plume. He's a man whose physical age is 32...

Ambassador, 2005, Deborah Beeson

Deborah Beeson

Co-founder of the A96 Artist Collective based in Elgin, Morayshire

Psychic Jeans (still from the video Commercials), Erica Eyres 2007

Erica Eyres

Canadian artist, living and working in Glasgow

Reclaiming the street, mixed media, Eva Merz, 2004

Eva Merz

For Glasgow based Danish artist Merz it's life that is the art. Ordinary people's life, whether street skaters, homeless people or council estate dwellers.

Pool Player, mixed media, Katie Orton, 2007

Katie Orton

What can a seemingly insignificant product or action tell us about societal forces and methods of control?

Flock, 2005, Drawing, Alex Dunn

Alex Dunn

Have a look at the work of Alex Dunn - described as 'art characterised by control and restraint'.

Still: 'A Penny for your Dreams, Little Girl' Agnes Nedregard

Agnes Nedregard

Currently the artist in residence at Stills Gallery, Edinburgh.

The Shawl, 2007, oil on canvas, Hideko Inoue

Hideko Inoue

The paintings of Japanese artist Hideko Inoue investigate notions of people, place and time.

Randan Discoteque album cover, 2007, Craig Coulthard

Craig Coulthard

Craig's work looks and feels like the noticeboard of your local 'local history society' - imbued with facts and connections between obscure persons and events.

Deckchair, 2001:Margaret Diamond

Margaret Diamond

Explores her interest in social systems and processes through a broad range of media.

Ctrl+alt+delete, 2007;Acrylic on board:Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown's works pose bizarre narrative scenes depicting a strange, compromised paradise.

Blackbird, ceramic: Dawn Youll

Dawn Youll

Dawn Youll creates vignettes in ceramic exploring themes of urban ubiquity.

Gates of Ades, 2006; Wine-racks and fizzy juice: Kate Owens

Kate Owens & Tommy Grace

Owens and Grace share a curiosity with the decorative and its relatively low esteem in a contemporary design environment.

Laddy and the Lady, 2006; Still from film: Henry Coombes

Henry Coombes

One of six artists representing Scotland at the 52nd Venice Biennale in June, and a 2007 Creative Scotland Award recipient.

Ally Wallace 'Globe’, 2002, window blinds made of lighting gels

Ally Wallace

Ally Wallace's sculptures and installations use limited means to craft simple forms with high visual impact.

Eighteen Rolos; Photo: David Sherry

David Sherry

In David Sherry's works, the mundane world of objects and actions collide with the dreams and aspirations of another reality.

Blue Window, 2006:Merlin James;Courtesy Kerlin Gallery, Dublin

Merlin James

Glasgow-based artist Merlin James's shifting repertoire of imagery includes landscape, apparent abstraction, and transcription from earlier artists.

GANGHUT Australia, 2006;Adapted shipping container:Kevin Reid

Kevin Reid

Scottish artist Kevin Reid draws on locality, story telling and colloquialism looking to the everyday for inspiration in favour of art historical references.

(Section) Boiling Milk Solfataras, 2000;Photo:Ilana Halperin

Ilana Halperin

Ilana Halperin is an American artist now based in Glasgow where she is an Honorary Research Fellow at Glasgow School of Art.

Sweeney Black Box, 2005; Courtesty Fiona Jardine

Fiona Jardine

Writer and artist whose installations draw upon a range of literary and art historical sources, notably early Modernist writers and sculptors.

Breath 2004; Courtesy of Lisa O'Brien

Lisa O'Brien

Audio and visual installations exploring time and space.

Seelenzustande Land;Video Projection:Duncan Marquiss

Duncan Marquiss

Unique and innovative artist featuring works on paper and film. 

'Installation view', 2005;Acrylic Resin Cast;Courtesy:Michael Stumpf

Michael Stumpf

More on his sculptural pieces drawing on a wide range of cinematic and literary metaphors.  

'Circles no.1' 2005 (67 x 82cm);Gilcee colour print;Courtesy;Sarah Lynch

Sarah Lynch

Studio based photography using materials such as wire, thread and paper.


Torsten Lauschmann's Cold Water Quartet, Photo: Torsten Lauschmann

Torsten Lauschmann

Artist, filmmaker and live performer who celebrates glitches and out-takes.

Mick Peter's 'You Bear The Stigma On Your Mug', Photo: Mick Peter

Mick Peter

Glasgow based artist indulges in sculpture's sleight of hand and scope for visual deception.

Claire Barclay's Foul Play; Photo: Doggerfisher

Claire Barclay 

Seemingly incongruous materials are composed into poetic and menacing installations. 

Lucy Skaer's Wood and Trees; Photo: Lucy Skaer

Lucy Skaer 

Ambiguous paper drawings using ink, enamel paint and gold leaf.

'Quartet 3' by Duncan Campbell; Photo: Duncan Campbell

Duncan Campbell  

Several interconnected strands of practice from this Glasgow based artist.

Andrea Roe's Puffing Funghi; Photo: Andrea Roe

Andrea Roe

Andrea Roe's work looks at the nature of human and animal biology, behaviour, communication and interaction within specific ecological contexts.

Headbang by Victoria Skogsberg; Photo: Victoria Skogsberg

Victoria Skogsberg  

Victoria SKogsberg's work is based on research and issues surrounding the paranormal.

Tatham & O’Sullivan's That is the way, it is, it is, that is

Joanne Tatham and Tom O'Sullivan

Collaboration exploring the mythic potential of art, and how art can exist as an event in a particular space and time.

Katy Dove's 'You'; Photo: Katie Dove

Katy Dove

Kaleidoscopic compositions produced using a combination of the handmade and the digital.

Low's Installation view 1, Sutton Lane; Photo: Camilla Low

Camilla Low

Glossy surfaces of paint on wood or metal, or crisp-cut Perspex combine with the shape and form to create seductive objects.

Karla Black's 'the bushel'; Photo: Karla Black

Karla Black

Sculptural pieces, often using familiar domestic materials such as Vaseline, clothing and flour, produced by Glasgow based artist.

Installation view, Participant. Courtesy: Sorcha Dallas 

Kate Davis 

Pencil drawings by Kate Davis, creating a weightless lyricism, imbued with a distinct personal style.

Untitled, 2004 by Hayley Tompkins. Courtesy: The Modern Institute 

Hayley Tompkins 

Small-scale unframed watercolour drawings that are literally 'rough around the edges'.

She Sells Sea Chaise, Courtesy: Ellen Munro 

Ellen Munro

Munro’s work relates tangentially to memories or stories she has picked up over time.

Alex Frost's 'We are numbers/and so it goes'. 

Alex Frost

Frost’s practice spans the spectrum of the sculptural, from the miniature to the monumental, the decorative to the architectural.

Lantern, Sally Osborn. Courtesy: Visual Associations 

Sally Osborn

Read more Sally Osborn's work, a study of subjectivity, of intuition, suggestion, attraction, possibility and materiality.

Venue of the month

FCA&C craft case at Byre Theatre;Photo:Susan Davis

Fife Contemporary Art and Crafts

The reincarnation of Crawford Arts Centre moves to St. Andrews. 

Exterior SNGMA; Photo:National Galleries of Scotland

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Featuring Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh. 

Feral Trade by Kate Rich; Courtesy: Stills 

Stills gallery 

Edinburgh based centre for contemporary photographic and digital arts.

Exterior of Inverleith House; Photo: Inverleith House 

Inverleith House

Based at Edinburgh's top free tourist attraction, Inverleith House supports both established and emerging artists.

West view McManus Galleries; Courtesy: McManus Galleries

McManus Galleries

Based in Dundee, McManus Galleries houses one of Scotland's most impressive fine and decorative art collections.

Exterior of Dundee Contemporary Arts; Photo: Dundee Contemporary Arts

Dundee Contemporary Arts

Read more on this contemporary art and film centre based in Dundee.

Graham Fagen's 'Clean Hands Pure Heart'; Photo:Tramway


Showcasing new and established artists, Tramway also works as a network hub centre for Glasgow as well as international organisations.

Martin Boyce's 'Brushing Against Strange Weeds (Shapes & Noises)'; Photo: DCA

Glasgow Print Studios

One of the largest UK publishers of original prints, Glasgow Print Studios works to encourage the art of printmaking.

Observatory; Photo:Taigh Chearsabhagh

Taigh Chearsbhagh

Based in Isle of North Uist, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, Taigh Chearsbhagh combines the strengths of community involvement with innovative education programmes.

CDA gallery; Courtesy Project Ability 

Project Ability

Read more on this innovative organisation that aims to promote access to the arts.

Talbot Rice Gallery entrance; Courtesy Talbot Rice 

ShowCASe venues:
City Art Centre and Talbot Rice Gallery

Read more on one of the UK's leading temporary exhibition space and why visitors understanding is of high importance at Talbot Rice.

The gallery at Peacock Visual Arts; Courtesy: Peacock Visual Arts 

Own Art featured venues:
Dundee Contemporary Arts
Edinburgh Printmakers
Glasgow Print Studio
Peacock Visual Arts

The cafe; Courtesy: The Fruitmarket Gallery 

Dundee Contemporary Arts & The Fruitmarket Gallery

Internationally renowned centre for contemporary arts, works with a converted fruitmarket with an international reputation for presenting major artists to show 'Somewhere, Everywhere and Nowhere'.

The Briggait, Glasgow Sculpture Studios. 

Glasgow Sculpture Studios 

Read more on this centre that works to promote the development of sculpture and to help artists create a professional and sustainable career.

Labour in Vain, Ryan Doolan; Courtesy: Collective Gallery 

Collective Gallery

Read more on this gallery which provides primary art spaces and supports emergent practice and new art in Britain today.

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