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Strategic Review - 2005 (January - June)

Below is a record of discussions, recommendations and Council decisions on the Strategic Review during January to June 2005. Click on the red link to download the documents.

Strategic Review - Council 22 February 2005

Taking into consideration the discussions at the joint Council and Committee workshop on 9 February, Council approved the proposals in paper S/C05m1p2 (Strategic Review):

  • To approve and support the approach to developing optimum and radical scenarios as a basis for our Strategic Review
  • To approve the Creative Industries, Equalities, Traditional Arts and International work as policy development areas, where they clearly contribute to our core aims, and as appropriate to the needs of each art form ecosystem.


Council - 29 March 2005

Council considered paper S/C05m2p2 (Strategic Review - ‘To ensure that we are applying our expertise and resources to best strategic effect for the arts in Scotland’) which provided:

  • an update which incorporates the key themes and issues that have emerged since the Council’s last meeting in February
  • outlined the review process and key milestones for Council up to June 2005
  • sought Council’s approval to continue the process as outlined in the paper.

and Council agreed to the continuation of the process as outlined.


Committee and Council workshop - 20 April 2005

A consultation workshop was held for all Core Funded Organisations on the Strategic Review:

  • to test the thinking and ambitions outlined in the optimum and radical scenarios, before entering the consultation phase
  • to identify and explore over arching themes and priorities including education and audience development

A workshop report was compiled by Carol Warner, Arts Development.


CFO Away Day - 17 May 2005

Scottish Arts Council staff met with all invited Core Funded Organisation and held a workshop to:

  • bring everyone up to date and comment upon the work that has following on from the 20:20 Vision discussions 
  • share our understanding of progress in the work of the Cultural Commission
  • welcome our new Chair, Richard Holloway  

The workshop explored two key themes:

  1. Emerging Themes (as one group)
    • 20:20 Arts Vision – a progress report and emerging themes
    • New relationships and the role of the Scottish Arts Council
    • New planning approaches and partnerships
    • Developing our Quality Framework
  2.  Exploring Emerging Themes (in small breakout groups)       
    • Working and planning across local authority boundaries (reference to Cultural Commission submissions)
    • New relationships and the role of the Scottish Arts Council

 A workshop report was compiled by Carol Warner, Arts Development


Council - 28 June 2005

Council considered and approved paper S/C05m3p1 (Next stage of Strategic Review and Planning Guidance 2006/09) which asked Council to:

  • approve the planning guidance and time line
  • agree that traditional review meetings be cancelled for 2005/6
  • agree that the six major ‘national’ companies be managed separately from 2006/07, subject to detailed proposals on how to achieve this being approved by Council in October 2005 
  • Approve the optimum, standstill and reduced scenarios being adopted for planning purposes.


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