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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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The Strategic Review

The Scottish Arts Council Corporate Plan 2004-09 has been acknowledged, since its creation, as an agenda for change.  The strategic review was the driver for that change process.  The review process challenged how the Council addresses the development and support of the arts in Scotland and the way in which it delivers services to artists, arts organisations and the people of Scotland.

Throughout the last year Council has reviewed all aspects of its work with particular emphasis on its presently core funded organisations where the vast majority of its financial resources are targeted.

The aim of the process was to ensure the application of the Scottish Arts Council’s resources to maximum effect in relation to our corporate aims:

  • To increase participation in the arts
  • To support artists to achieve their creative and business potential
  • To put creativity at the heart of learning.

The drivers for the change are as follows: 

The financial imperatives that see a reduction in lottery funds of £5m, the issue of sustainability in many of our most important arts organisations and the viability of the individual artist making a living from their work.

The artistic imperatives that require us to respond to new approaches and ensure a dynamic for renewal and innovation in the sector.

The contextual imperatives in a devolved Scotland with new cultural policies, and an expectation that publicly funded arts have a role to play in wider social and economic policies.

  • The information contained in these web pages reflect the timeline in which the review was carried out and the key documents for download which relate to each of its stages.
  • All the documents are the unaltered versions which went to Committee/Council and do not represent or incorporate Committee/Council decisions including those where they overturned recommendations.
  • We are not releasing at this stage any documentation relating to specific organisations or the minute from the last council meeting as it has not yet been formally approved.
  • There will be a further release of information in April which will give more details on specific organisations including the formal minute of the council in February.
*2005 Jan - Jun
*2005 Jul - Dec
*CFO papers
* CFO papers
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