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Mother And The Addicts

Science Fiction Illustrated

Mother and the Addicts released their second album in August 2007.


Glasgow-based indie band Mother and the Addicts second album, Science Fiction Illustrated, was released on Chemikal Underground Records last month.  The album, described as a 'quantum leap' from their critically acclaimed 2005 debut, Take The Lovers Home Tonight (Chemikal Underground) is 'a voyage into turbulent catharses, […] served up on the dance floor'.

Mother And The Addicts; Photo: Neale Smith; Courtesy: Chemikal Underground Featuring a line-up of five – Sam 'Mother' Smith (guitar, vocals, sousaphone), Ian Cronan (drums), Peter Vallely (bass, vocals), Douglas Morland (guitar, vocals) and Tim Dyer (keyboards, sampler) – the group’s live gigs recall the spirit of bands from the Violent Femmes to Blondie, Roxy Music to Thomas Dolby, James Brown to Dr Feelgood.

Sam Smith says, 'We’ve always enjoyed playing music, not just in front of an audience but in rehearsals: it’s the thrill of crafting songs, working out parts, arranging them; the challenge of making something sound great.  Ultimately, we wanted to make an intelligent album that would reach as many people as possible – something you could hear on the radio or dance to in a club – just because you can dance to something, doesn’t mean it’s dumb.'

Science Fiction Illustrated

Immediately parting company with convention, Science Fiction Illustrated opens with a psychodrama set in a Stromness bar.  This second album is 'a barrel load of neuroses and sly observations laden with dark humour, [… navigating] the squally waters of carnal politics, steered by a flurry of fluctuating musical styles' – from disco to electronica to punk to rockabilly and krautrock.

Comparing the writing on their two albums, Sam Smith describes Science Fiction Illustrated as 'stronger… more confident, and although it’s still got humour, it’s a good bit darker.'  Many of the songs were written and recorded during a tumultuous time for Sam, and as he sought solace in the recording of the album, things began to take an upward turn.  The band sought to get the most out of a limited range of equipment whilst in the studio – guitars, bass, drums and an old Yamaha CS5 – and the result is an album that’s 'resolutely modern whilst throwing affectionate nods and winks to the ghosts of classics past.' Sam Smith; Photo: Neale Smith; Courtesy: Chemikal Underground


Science Fiction Illustrated was awarded funding through the Scottish Arts Council's Creative Development & Recording fund.

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