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Woodend Barn Arts Centre

Woodend Arts Association (WAA) received a small capital grant from SAC in 2006 to support an upgrading project.  The grant enabled us to make a number of important improvements to the Woodend Barn Arts Centre in Banchory.  Lang Byre Interior; Photo: Susan Whyte

Improvements include:
  • installing a proper flexible stage, replacing home-made staging which was over ten years old;
  • upgrading of the sound system and enhancing the stage lighting;
  • upgrading the Lang Byre art gallery lighting;
  • providing 70 chairs, matching 180 existing chairs and replacing ancient second-hand chairs which we had to use for capacity audiences;
  • providing a DVD player, projector and screen to start a cinema club;
  • replacing a computer in the WAA office.

As well as significantly improving the facilities at the Woodend Barn, the project has reduced operational costs. Key improvements are:

  • the new stage is more flexible and easier to move. It also provides valuable storage space underneath;
  • the upgrade of the Barn’s sound system allows us to host more bands in a more professional way. We also built a sound/light box at the back of the Barn (for just £1,200 with most labour provided by volunteers).  This greatly reduces set-up/dismantle time and costs with most of the sound kit now permanently installed in the sound/light box rather than being moved to/from storage for each gig. This saves time & money and reduces the chances of damage;
  • enhancement of the stage lighting has been beneficial for both theatre/dance and ceilidhs/parties; it allows much more flexibility for theatre/dance events as we no longer have to relocate our existing few lights and import additional.
  • the digital projection equipment & screen has allowed us to start a film club (there is no cinema or film club in Banchory). It also enables us to host business workshops or seminars at the Barn which opens up an important new source of revenue.

Kutapira at Woodend Barn; Photo: Susan Whyte

The project was made possible with the help of an award of £32,685 from the Scottish Arts Council National Lottery Fund.

For further information, visit the Woodend Barn Arts Centre website.

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