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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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Scots Language Centre re-launch

A year after receiving a Scottish Arts Council organisational Development award the Scots Language Resource Centre re-launched on 1 October as the Scots Language Centre and the provision of its services will take place almost entirely online.

Scots Language Centre logo; Courtesy of the Scots Language Centre The Centre will have an exciting new look designed to put Scots very much at the heart of contemporary culture. SLC Director, Michael Hance, explained the rationale behind the new image:

'Scots is a living language. Scots words are coming out of the mouths of people every day of the week and we wanted our re-design to reflect that reality. The site is particularly aimed at people who speak Scots. In the past many Scots sites have been very text heavy. We want a site where people will hear their own language echoed back at them – that’s why there will be so much audio material on it. Visiting this site should be a very affirming experience for Scots speakers and those with an interest in Scots language culture.'      

For its re-launch the Centre has teamed up with the Word’s Out! Festival in Perth to co-host an online debate about the place of the Scots language in broadcasting. Visitors will be able to listen to well known broadcasters Billy Kay and Mary Blance discuss their own experiences of broadcasting in Scots dialects and to listen to two items of news which will be delivered in Scots.

Commenting on the event, Caroline Beaton of the Word's Out! Festival described it as a "virtual first" for the festival. 'We are very pleased to be working with the Centre on this project and hope that people will listen to the discussion and leave their comments.' Pile of books on table; Photo: Rebecca Moyce

Visitors to the site will also be able to see the Centre’s new logo. Hance has described it as 'representing the written and oral sides of Scots'.

'The logo can be seen as a group of quotation marks or speech bubbles – most people who use Scots tend to speak it rather than write it. We hope the site will give speakers a chance to find out more about the language and encourage them to feel pride in their linguistic identity and heritage. An understanding of Scots opens people up to many of the country’s most amazing literary, dramatic and musical treasures. Our new slogan, It’s yer ain tongue! is aimed at promoting a sense of ownership amongst Scots speakers and reminding them that the future of the language lies in their hands and mouths!'

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