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Gaelic book of the month

Cover of taoisean by Gracie Summers, illustrated by Veronica Petrie


by Gracie Summers
illustrated by Veronica Petrie

Translated as:
'The Little Doughman'

Ma tha clann òg agad, seo an leabhar Gàidhlig a tha còir agad a cheannach dhaibh. Ach thoir an aire - bidh agad ri leughadh a-rithist ’s a-rithist ’s a-rithist.
Raghnall MacIlleDhuibh, An t-Albannach

‘If you have young children, this is the Gaelic book you should buy them. But be warned – you will be asked to read it to them again, and again, and again.’ Ronald Black, The Scotsman

About the book

When the teacher makes some dough for the children to play with, she has no idea of the trouble that will follow when it comes to life at night! Beautifully illustrated throughout with artwork that will appeal to children of all ages.

Further details

Cover design by James Hutcheson and Gobnait Ní Néill

152 pages
ISBN 10: 1 900901 28 5
ISBN 13: 978 1 900901 28 5
Retail price: £6.00

Published by CLÀR (as part of the Ùr-Sgeul series)

Buy the book online or from The Gaelic Books Council, 22 Mansfield Street Glasgow G11 5QP 
Tel 0141 337 6211 or Fax 0141 341 0515
email brath@gaelicbooks.net

Courtesy of The Gaelic Books Council

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Costumes backstage; Photo:  Alan McAteer
Exterior view - Fruitmarket Bookshop: Photo: Michael Wolchover
Belinda Guidi exhibition at CCA; Photo: Alan McAteer
Costumes backstage; Photo:  Alan McAteer
Hidden Gardens NVA; Photo: Renzo Mazzolini
Lighting gantry; Photo: Michael Wolchover
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