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Flexible Funding 2009 - 2011

Flexible Funding: the purpose
Assessment summary
Flexible Funding Application details
Flexible assessments


This open funding round was launched in September 2007 to offer two year fixed funding to organisations who:

  • are based in Scotland
  • are led by arts professionals who are recognised as leaders in the arts sector
  • have a substantial record of achievement and be able to demonstrate that they have enriched arts practice in Scotland. 
  • can demonstrate that two-year funding will enhance their ability to continue to develop and fulfil this role in the future
  • engage with the broader community and demonstrate a process for engaging audiences in their work.

To be eligible, organisations had to have been awarded at least one grant of a minimum of £15,000, from the Scottish Arts Council during the period 1 April 2005 – 31 October 2007.

Flexible Funding: the purpose

Flexible funding is designed to allow for:

  • funding for the development and presentation of programmes of activity that are artistically driven
  • funding for the development and presentation of programmes that aim to maximise audience attendance
  • funding for arts organisations which have a strategic role in the development of a key policy area or serve a particular community of interest

There was one global budget for all applications for flexible funding.  As outlined within our press release, the demand for funds was extremely high, so we were unable to fund all applications which were eligible and met the criteria.  

Assessment summary

Each organisation was assessed and the documents published record the officer’s summary and additional comments made as the assessment was checked, moderated and ratified through Council.

Here are details of the Flexible Funding process

Ratings were given to the applications as follows:

Priority Level:

  • High is an organisation which fully meets the criteria and in some instances may exceed and be an example of best practice
  • Medium is an organisation which meets the criteria but where a small number of development areas are identified 
  • Low is an organisation which partially meets the criteria but a significant number of areas of development areas are identified 

 Flexible Funding Application details

Flexible Assessments 

Flexible assessments are listed below:

*Flexible Funding Process
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