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Becoming Citizens

Becoming Citizens is a project initiated by Artlink’s hospital arts project Functionsuite. It runs from November 2006 until January 2008.  The aim of Becoming Citizens is for artist Michelle Naismith to develop a film with individuals enduring mental health problems from the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, St John’s Hospital, Edinburgh and West Lothian communites.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Reduce stigma, by raising awareness of the experiences of the individual and the experience of those around them, using the arts to gain a greater understanding of issues which are, in fact, common to us all.
  • Promote positive mental health and well being, looking at what is and what could be available.
  • Imaginatively responding to the projected aspirations of those involved in the project.
  • Create video artworks which imaginatively address and draw attention to issues of isolation and community involvement.

Sunflowers 2007;Photo:Michelle Naismith

Michelle Naismith is an experienced professional artist, who lives and works between Scotland and Belgium. She has worked for Artlink's Functionsuite Project for many years. Through video she creatively collates and disseminates information gathered from the people she meets in a way that is both thought provoking and visually stimulating.

Previous film works include ‘The Crime of Uglyfication’, ‘K.448’ and ‘the thing to remember in this is balance’. Michelle has been researching for the Becoming Citizens project since November 2006 and is about to move into the script writing stage of the project before filming and post production work. The completed video artwork will be promoted and presented within mental health and arts networks to raise awareness of issues of emotional well being and to generate further discussion. Artlink is working with Jennifer Veitch (Media Consultant) on the public profile of the project outcomes.

For further information on Becoming Citizens please email Artlink or telephone 0131 229 3555 or check out the Functionsuite website.

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