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Cultural Co-ordinators

The Championing Culture in Scottish Schools pilot project was initiated in response to the pledge made in the 2000 National Cultural Strategy that: 'we shall pilot the appointment of cultural co-ordinators in schools who will liaise with arts and cultural organisations, including the heritage sector, and organise activities which ensure that our national cultural resources are used to the advantage of all young people.'

Space Invaders; Photo: West Dunbartonshire Council During Phase 1 of the Cultural Co-ordinators pilot project, which ran from 2002 - 2004, funding was awarded for 105 Cultural Co-ordinators across Scotland. Phase 2 of the pilot is due to finish in 2006 and so far all 32 local authorities have participated.

Job Purpose

Cultural Co-ordinators identify ways of maximising the potential contribution of cultural activities to young people's education. They facilitate a range of activities which might include visits by artists (in all artforms); trips to museums, galleries, performing arts venues; visits by companies; and opportunities for children to create and perform.

Cultural Co-ordinator remit

The remit is wide and focuses on activities appropriate to the local context.  Generally, the remit includes: 

  • working with the Creative Links officer to implement the arts education strategy
  • encouraging and facilitating cultural participation: visits, productions, performances, etc.
  • liaising with artists and local and national cultural bodies and their education officers, such as museums, performing arts companies etc.
  • developing the awareness of the contribution of culture to young people's learning and development - both within and outwith the curriculum
  • advising on ways of developing children's creativity across the curriculum and its impact on learning.

Read more about the work of Cultural Co-ordinators in CulturED.

A handbook for Scotland's Cultural Co-ordinators has been compiled by the Scottish Arts Council, with the intention of providing basic information, guidance and advice likely to be helpful to co-ordinators as they plan and manage local authority programmes.  The handbook might also be helpful to other professionals who work in the cultural and education sectors.

A copy of the Cultural Co-ordinators Handbook is now available online.

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