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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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Priorities for arts in education

The Scottish Arts Council Business Plan identifies priorities for 2009/10 and we will work within these priorities to achieve vibrant and sustainable arts education provision in Scotland. We have a particular focus on securing the foundation of Scotland’s artistic development and increasing participation in the arts.

Our priorities for 2009/10 will be to develop quality across three key sectors, and to increase the opportunities for collaboration between them:

  • arts and cultural organisations
  • the formal education sector (schools and teacher training)
  • the informal education sector (eg community learning and development and national young people’s service organisations).

1. Increase the scope and quality of our support for artists

We will:

  • map existing professional development opportunities for arts educators across all artforms, identify gaps and consider next steps towards creating a sustainable framework of provision.
  • support the evaluation of the 'Arts Education in Practice' SQA accredited course.
  • in partnership with artform colleagues and umbrella organisations, support networking opportunities for arts educators in and across artforms.
  • in partnership with Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS), explore the possibility of establishing a cross professional mentoring/buddy programme for teachers and artists using GLOW - the national education intranet
  • gather and disseminate examples of best practice in evaluating arts education projects in arts organisations.
  • explore the possibilities for incorporating creative and cultural skills development into the emerging national Skills strategy.

2. Secure the foundation of Scotland's artistic development

We will:

  • implement, support and develop the education elements of the Quality Framework, enabling Foundation Organisations to drive up the quality of their arts education provision
  • monitor the LEARN Fund projects which support strategic development of education in arts organisations
  • disseminate best practice in evaluating education work in arts organisations (Foundation and Flexibly funded organisations).

3. Create flexibility to support the new and innovative

 We will work with Flexibly Funded organisations as with Foundation Organisations above.

4. Create opportunities for participation in the arts

The Cultural Co-ordinators in Scottish Schools (CCiSS) programme has been a major three way partnership between ourselves, the Scottish Government and local authorities.  Scottish Government funding for the programme finishes in March 2010 but we are working closely with our local authority partners to mainstream the activity.  The 2009/10 funding round will take account of the importance of the links to Curriculum for Excellence, Community Planning and the National Performance Framework.

Our targets for the coming year are to:

  • encourage participation by, and disseminate CCiSS programme funding to, all 32 Local Authorities
  • disseminate data collected through the monitoring of the programme and publish a selection of case studies from local authorities
  • contribute to the evaluation of the CCiSS programme
  • facilitate the National Arts Education Network
  • support Creative Links posts in four national learning organisations. 

5. Build a culture of co-operation with partners and the arts community

As the boundaries between formal and informal education erode we will continue to facilitate networking opportunities between the two sectors primarily through the National Arts Education Network and the Creative Links posts in national umbrella bodies.

In addition, we will:

6. Make the transition to Creative Scotland

The formal process of merging our roles and responsibilities with those of Scottish Screen began in January 2007, with the formation of a new board, whose members were drawn from the two existing bodies.  In January 2009, a new company, Creative Scotland 2009 Ltd, was established and, subject to legislation in 2009 (the Public Service Reform Bill), Creative Scotland will become the new lead body for arts and screen industries in Scotland in 2010, replacing the Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen.

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Queen Frog's Wedding performance; Photo: Mike Bolam
Fatal Attraction, Young Scot; Photo: Steve Godfrey
Scottish Chamber Orchestra Workshop; Photo: SCO Education
Queen Frog's Wedding performance; Photo: Mike Bolam
Queen Frog's Wedding rehearsal; Photo: Mike Bolam
Changing Faces, Giant Productions; Photo: Mary Johnson
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