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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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Funded Projects

Details of recently funded drama projects for 2010-2011...

Suspended Motion, Paper Thin; Photo: Paul Bock

Touring and Production: March 2010
New Work: March 2010

Touring and Production: March 2010

In March 2010 the following projects were awarded support by the Scottish Arts Council for Touring & Production in 2010/11.

The decision was made by the Co-Director of Arts and Head of Drama with the advice of Scottish Arts Council Specialist Advisors and Drama Officers. Advisory panel participants were Stewart Ennis, Sandy Maxwell, Sally Hobson and Nick Fearne.

The budget for this round was £543,657 and we received nineteen eligible requests totalling £920,275. We were able to support eleven out of the nineteen proposals. 

The successful projects clearly demonstrated a commitment to creating work of the highest quality. A broad range of styles of work have been supported including contemporary work, cross artform/multi media, musical theatre, comedy and work for children. The projects funded also reflect a commitment to audience development.

Bright Night International

£5,000 for Bright Night International to produce Martin O’Connor’s site-specific piece, Inner Circle by Italian writer, Renato Gabrielli, in situ on the Glasgow Subway system. This solo piece examines the life of an ordinary commuter around one full circuit of the network; as the journey continues the cracks begin to show.  Inner Circle will be directed by Neil Docherty and produced by Phyllis Martin. We supported this proposal as it is an interesting project from an emerging company, which has the potential to attract young audiences who may not normally attend theatre. We viewed the partnership with the Citizens’ Theatre as positive.

Email Bright Night International for more information.

Communicado Productions

£72,600 for Communicado Productions to produce Calums Road, a new play by David Harrower. Centered around the life of Calum MacLeod, who spent twenty years building a road with his own hands. The play is based on MacLeod’s own copious letters to the Stornoway Gazette, on newspaper articles and a book by Roger Hutchinson. The artistic team will include: Gerry Mulgrew, Iain MacRae and Gerda Stevenson. We funded this proposal as it was strong in terms of the ideas and the artistic team involved. The project has the potential to reach a wide-ranging audience, including Gaelic audiences, and represents a good geographic spread.

Email Communicado Productions

Dogstar Theatre 

Dogstar Theatre, Polish Quine; Photo: Fin Macrae

£60,541 for Dogstar Theatre Company Ltd to produce Heavens Honey, a new adaptation of Torgny Lindgren’s novel by Kevin MacNeil. It is hoped the adaptation will change people’s attitudes towards identity, memory, death and destiny. We regarded this proposal as strong in terms of the ideas and artistic team. We acknowledged there was scope for audience development through a wide range of touring venues and it has the potential to open up international opportunities for the company. The piece will be produced and directed by Matthew Zajac.

Email Dogstar Theatre


£49,846 for Licketyspit towards the re-development and national tour of Magic Spaghetti, a mouth-watering comedy with live music and cooking aimed at 3-7 years olds. The project will benefit from Zinnie Harris’ involvement as dramaturg. Given the track record of the company, we regarded this proposal as strong with scope to attract wide-ranging audiences.

See our archive page on Magic Spaghetti for more information.

Email Licketyspit

Strenga Nona with Magic Spaghetti pot; Photo: Kevin Low

Plutot La Vie

£54,064 for Plutot La Vie to produce and tour, By The Seat Of Your Pants, the company’s latest family project which ventures into the world of three men and a Chair. The project is a co production with Howden Park. Involving three performers, By The Seat of Your Pants is a visual story that reveals itself through relationships, between characters, between characters and objects they use, characters/environment and characters/performers relationship to the audience and performance space. We funded this proposal as we acknowledged it would have a broad appeal to audiences particularly given the planned use of visual language.  Additionally, the co-production with Howden Park was regarded as positive.

Email Plutot La Vie

Random Accomplice

£72,600 for Random Accomplice to produce Smalltown by three Ayrshire writers - Johnny McKnight, Douglas Maxwell and Daniel Jackson. It starts with the premise that something has been put in the water – an unknown chemical that is changing the behaviour of the townsfolk. The piece will offer three endings, giving the audience not only their own choice but also a unique night out. The project will also benefit from a parallel outreach project aimed at S4-S6 pupils. We regarded this proposal as interesting with good potential for artistic success given the calibre of participating writers. We viewed the potential for geographic spread and audience development as positive.

Email Random Accomplice

Rapture Theatre Company

Rapture Theatre and Greenwich Theatre's Hamlet

£58,256 for Rapture Theatre Company to produce a national tour of Gregory Burke’s Gagarin Way - produced in association with Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline.

The performance will take the form of a traditional piece of theatre, yet at the same time, offer a searing attack on contemporary morality, exploring current political, social and ethical issues with blackly comedic, biting wit. We recognised that the choice of play (and writer) was good for the company. We also recognised the scope for this tour to develop a wide range of audiences with a good range of venues.

Email Rapture Theatre

Reeling & Writhing

£52,000 for Reeling & Writhing towards the costs of a national tour of The Presents, a show for babies 6-18 months (and their adult company). A co-production with Howden Park, The Presents follows a sunrise to evening arc, and is a series of gifts made from sound, song, colour, movement and maybe even objects. This is a performance with minimal speech. The audience will have a maximum of 25 babies. We funded this proposal as it represented strong artistic ideas with good audience development potential and scope for artist development. The creative team includes: Director/Devisor – Katherine Morley, Composer/Devisor – Paul Rissmann, Set Design – Karen Tennent and Lighting Design – Sergey Jakovsky.

Email Reeling & Writhing

Shona Reppe Puppets

£50,000 for Shona Reppe Puppets towards the costs of a national tour of The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean, a new show for 5-8 year olds. It will feature puppetry, Victorian paper theatre and parlour games. It will explore the parallels between the pages in a book and the stories inside a person’s head - stories about giants, about growing and shrinking, stories of transformation. Parlour games such as Throwing smiles’ Huckle Buckle Beanstalk and Blind Man’s Buff will provide a distinctive rhythm and dynamism to the piece and offer additional abstract imagery.

Shona Reppe's Potato Needs a Bath; Photo: Douglas McBride

The artistic team includes: Shona Reppe, Ian Cameron and Andy Manley, Gill Robertson paper artist, Polly Verity. We supported this proposal for its strong artistic ideas and recognised the scope for artist development. The proposal also had a good geographic spread with audience development potential.

Email Shona Reppe Puppets

Theatre Objektiv

£16,250 for Theatre Objektiv Ltd to produce a national tour of A Promised Land by Raymond Raszkowski Ross, piloted at the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The play looks at Scottish identity within Britain; Jewish identity and experience of post-Holocaust Europe; the troubled birth of Israel; the plight of refugees and homeland fear about terrorism. It raises questions about cultural and political identity; and it explores themes of love, trust, forgiveness and self-sacrifice as well as revenge, racism, exile and idealism. The play raises the historical profile of Jane Haining – a Scottish woman who sacrificed her life by refusing to leave Jewish orphans in her care. She is now hailed as one of the forgotten heroes of the Holocaust. We supported this proposal as it represented strong artistic ideas and thought there was scope for artist development. It was regarded that the proposal would have a broad appeal, in particular with younger audiences and from a cultural diversity perspective. The proposal represented a good geographic spread.

Email Theatre Objektiv

Visible Fictions

£52,500 for Visible Fictions Theatre Company Ltd to produce and tour a puppet opera for children aged 8 years and upwards.  It is a co-production with Scottish Opera. The piece will be adapted and directed by Douglas Irvine from a novella by Philip Pullman. Pullman’s novella is an exciting, funny and suspenseful fairytale that weaves complex yet accessible themes into one rich and deeply satisfying experience. Artistic team includes: Composer – David Trouton, Designer – Kenny Miller, Videographer – Inigo Garrido or Tim Reid. We funded this proposal as it was regarded as artistically strong with development opportunities offered to participating artists. There was scope for audience development through a wide range of venues. The collaboration with Scottish Opera was regarded as very positive with potential for development of new audiences for both organisations.

Email Visible Fictions

New Work: March 2010

Projects awarded support by the Scottish Arts Council for New Work in 2010/11

The decisions were made by Jaine Lumsden, Drama Officer, with the advice of Scottish Arts Council specialist advisers Ace McCarron and Steve Stenning and the drama department.

This was an extremely over-subscribed decision round and there were many projects we would have liked to support but were unable to. For this round we received forty one eligible requests totalling £340,119 and awarded ten projects to a total of £90,000 funding.

Reeling and Writhing's Gold & Sky (title tbc); Photo: Tim Nunn

Suspended Motion, Paper Thin; Photo: Paul Bock
We are confident that the successful artists and organisations will create work of the highest quality, the stated most important criterion for support of this fund. A broad range of styles of work has been supported including: contemporary circus, new writing, crossartform, cabaret and site specific. The projects reflect the commitment of the companies and artists to the development of artform practice.

The successful applications all demonstrated effective management and supportive relationships with venues, promoters and other arts organisations.

Lucy Deacon - Strangebird Zirkus for Ornithology

£7,958 for Eleanor Lucy Deacon – Strangebird Zirkus for Ornithology, a new contemporary circus performance using Chinese pole. This is about watching and being watched and the audience will be able to engage in different ways as there will be two soundtracks and different ways of viewing via binoculars and masks.  This will be created and performed by Eleanor Lucy Deacon and Moritz Linkmann, directed by Hilary Westlake and written by Laura Bridgeman. We supported this because there was an interesting concept behind the piece and we considered that the ambition to create a genuinely theatrical performance as opposed to a purely technical circus show was likely to be realised.  We also thought that the proposal was well developed and that some of the staging ideas were theatrically interesting.

Email Lucy Deacon

Magnetic North - Some Other Stars

£10,160 for Magnetic North to commission and develop Some Other Stars by Clare Duffy, which explores the effects of “locked in” syndrome on the relationship between two people.  This will be directed by Nick Bone and designed by Sans Facon.  We supported this because the subject matter was interesting and the development process demonstrated great potential to explore several theatrically interesting ideas.

Email Magnetic North

Natalie Ibu - Request Programme

£10,250 for Natalie Ibu for a site specific re-imagining of Request Programme by Franz Xaver Kroetz, about the last hour before a woman commits suicide. This will have four women of different generations simultaneously carrying out the play, oblivious to each other, and will be directed by Natalie Ibu.  We supported this because the artistic rationale for mounting the production was strongly demonstrated and we considered it had great dramatic potential.

Email Natalie Ibu

Nick Underwood - Man Gets Life

£10,250 for Nick Underwood for Man Gets Life, written and directed by Nick Underwood with sound/video by Tim Reid and lighting by Simon Wilkinson. This will bring theatre into close confinement with music as one of the main characters is a pirate DJ (and also doubles as the play’s sound/lighting operator); it will look at the inherent loneliness of a multi-media culture.  The story is about two men’s different inabilities to express emotions and how a man facing infertility learns fast lessons about his egoism.  We supported this because we considered it would be an engaging production and that the ideas behind the piece resonated well with its proposed staging.

Email Nick Underwood

Peter Clerke - An Alternative History of Everything

£9,548 for Peter Clerke for An Alternative History of Everything, a bouffon cabaret.  The themes for devising are that there are at least two sides to every story, that what we are told is mostly a convenient truth and that there are no sacred cows.  This will be directed by Peter Clerke, written by John Clancy, performed by Catherine Gillard and Nancy Welsh with sound by Tim Brinkhurst.  We supported this because we considered it would be of high quality given the track records of the creative personnel and that the ideas behind the piece were well suited to the proposed style of presentation. 

Email Peter Clerke

Reeling and Writhing - Gold and Sky (working title)

£10,084 for Reeling and Writhing to commission and develop Gold and Sky by Tim Nunn, a tragic love story in the sky, on the hills and amongst the eagles of Mull using active surround sound design. This will be directed by Katherine Morley with sound design by Kenny Macleod. We supported this because we considered the idea behind the project to be genuinely interesting, specifically the use of sound and the proposed staging. 

Email Reeling and Writhing

Rob Evans

£10,250 for Rob Evans for a performance that explores the dark in a non-theatre space in collaboration with young teenagers, inspired by their experiences.  This will be written and directed by Rob Evans with dramaturgy from Gill Robertson. We supported this because we considered this to be a strong proposal with clearly defined artistic outcomes that were likely to work well with its intended audiences.

Email Rob Evans

Stillpoint - Carried Away On A Delicate Softness

£1,000 for Stillpoint to develop and complete the script of Carried Away On A Delicate Softness by Sally Hobson.  This will build on discrete research on the process of death and dying and the significance of sacred sites and ceremonies in rituals.  It is written from the perspective of somebody who has taken their own life and how they view their decision.  The development will be with Sally Hobson, visual artist Alex Hetherington and performers Gary Lewis and Rebecca Green. We supported this because of the strength of the creative team and genuinely interesting subject matter which would lead to a high quality script.

Email Stillpoint

Suspended Motion - Paper Thin

£10,250 for Suspended Motion for Paper Thin, a humorous and dramatic tale about two neighbours which will integrate circus techniques (acro-balance, trapeze, silks, doubles aerial, acrobatics, hand-balancing, dance and manipulation) used to emphasise and communicate the storyline and characterisation as opposed to circus “acts.” This will be created and performed by Danuta Ramos and Ian Henderson, with director Tim Licata, choreographer Wendy Hesketh and set by Ian Munro.  We supported this because we recognised that it was a genuinely interesting fusion of artforms and the proposal demonstrated how it would integrate theatricality and narrative with circus skills successfully.

Email Suspended Motion

Vox Motus - Séance

£10,250 for Vox Motus for Séance (working title), a new visual work exploring the true story of a Victorian spiritualist parlour that used magic, illusion and bare faced lies to dupe the world.  This is about deception, deceit, outward lies and inner self-deception.  It will be directed and written by Jamie Harrison and Candice Edmunds with lighting by Simon Wilkinson and sound by Graham Sutherland. We supported this because of the company’s excellent track record of creating innovative work of the highest quality and considered that the development process was very well planned. We thought that lighting would play an important part in the project and were aware of the lighting designer’s good track record.  

Email Vox Motus

Further information

Email Drama Admin to request contact details for any of the companies listed.

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