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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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Features archive

The Scottish Arts Council is proud to support the many exciting drama projects and activities on the go throughout Scotland.  Browse through this list of past features and select one by clicking on the image or hyperlink to read more.   Features include articles on different drama themes, profiles of people, organisations and events.

To view current features - go to our Features section 



Cereal Clowns, August 2003; Photo: Fiona Colliss


Breaking stereotypes, this type of comedic performance cuts is less about coloured wigs and big shoes. (July and August 2006)

Soldiers in Baghdad - scene from Babylon Burning; Photo: Tim Aikman

The community play

Featured in June 2006

Selection of 2006 CITF shows; Photo: Design by Emma Quinn

Theatre festivals: children and young people

Featured in May 2006

Perth Festival Theatre, 'The Steamie'; Photo: Keith Brame; Courtesy: PFT


Featured in April 2006

Grid Iron's workshop in a Beirut Cinema; Photo: Paul Claydon


Featured in March 2006


Falling temp image; Photo: Courtesy National Theatre of Scotland

National Theatre of Scotland

Featured in February 2006


Shona Reppe and Andy Cannon, Peter Pan; Photo: Kevin Low

Family Theatre

Featured in December 2005/January 2006


The History Boys; Photo: Courtesy Theatre Royal

Theatre at Glasgay!

Featured in November 2005

David Leddy's On the Edge; Photo: Niall Walker

Shared resources pilot

Featured in October 2005

Mind the Gap's 'On the Verge'; Photo: Courtesy Theatre Workshop

Theatre and disability

Featured in September 2005

Scene from theatre babel's Thebans; Photo: Douglas McBride

Classical theatre

Featured in August 2005

SYT's Our Town; Photo: Anthony Brannan

Youth theatre

Featured in July 2005

Ailie Cohen Puppeteer; Photo: Esther Cohen

Women in Scottish theatre

Featured in June 2005

Visible Fictions' The Red Balloon; Photo: Chris Bennion

Children's Theatre

Featured in May 2005

Shadow Puppetry Workshops; Photo: Courtesy John Fardell


Featured in April 2005

Scene from Romeo and Juliet; Photo: Courtesy Martin Danziger

Physical theatre

Featured in March 2005

Grid Iron's workshop in a Beirut Cinema; Photo: Paul Claydon

Site-specific theatre

Featured in February 2005

Performer at the Hebridean Celtic Festival; Photo: Leila Angus

Gaelic Theatre 

Featured in January 2005

Carmen Pieraccini in Jack and the Beanstalk; Photo: Kevin Low


Featured in December 2004

King Lear with Knights; Photo: Tim Morozzo


Featured in November 2004

No picture              Street Art   
available at        
present                 Featured in October 2004


A profile of..

Julie Ellen, Creative Director, Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland; Photo: Douglas McBride 

Julie Ellen

Creative Director of Playwrights' Studio, Scotland.

Chloe Dear 

Chloe Dear

Indepedent street arts producer.

Dominic Hill; photo: Douglas Robertson; courtesy Traverse Theatre 

Dominic Hill

New Artistic Director at the Traverse Theatre

Nabil Shaban; photo: Leila Romaya 

Nabil Shaban

Challenging perceptions about disabled performers

Subway; photo: Matthew Lenton, courtesy Vanishing Point 

Vanishing Point

Subway - an exciting new show in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007

Muriel Romanes; photo:  Ian Rutherford 

Muriel Romanes

Artistic Director with award-winning company Stellar Quines.

TAG’s Twelfth Night, 1979; Photo courtesy Citizens’ Theatre Archive 

TAG at the Citz

TAG Theatre returns to its roots at the Citizens' Theatre.

Broken; Photo: Alan McCredie, courtesy Solar Bear

Solar Bear

Glasgow-based theatre company starts Scotland's first deaf youth theatre.

Al Seed in The Factory; Photo: Niall Walker 

Al Seed

Artist in Residence at The Arches.

Virginia Radcliffe (middle) in Molly Whupie, 2006; photo courtesy Licketyspit 

Virginia Radcliffe

Profile of the innovative Creative Director of children's theatre company, Licketyspit. 

Jacqueline McKay; Photo courtesy North Edinburgh Arts

Jacqueline McKay

Read about the newly appointed Chief Executive of the Byre Theatre in St Andrews.

Gregory Thomson; Courtesy Kirsty Miller, Tron Theatre

Gregory Thomson

Award winning new director of the Tron Theatre.

EGG; Photo: Douglas Robertson

Fiona Colliss

Clown and clowndoctor taking her one woman show EGG to Mull this summer and then to the Highlands. (July and August 2006)

Rehearsals for Mayhem; Photo: Marc Marnie

Peter Clerke

Featured in June 2006

Tessa Rennie; Photo: courtesy Imaginate

Tessa Rennie

Featured in May 2006

Irene Macdougall as Mrs Robinson, ‘The Graduate’; Photo: Douglas Robertson; Courtesy: Dundee Rep

Irene MacDougall

Featured in April 2006

Sandy Thomson; Photo: courtesy Poorboy

Sandy Thomson

Featured in March 2006


Caroline Newall; Photo: National Theatre of Scotland

Caroline Newall

Featured in February 2006


Saturday skillshops 5-7 group; Photo: Tron Theatre

Lisa McIntosh

Featured in December 2005/January 2006

Image from Intermission; Photo: Iain Hales

Johnny McKnight

Featured in November 2005

David Leddy in In the Shade; Photo: David Leddy

David Leddy

Featured in October 2005

Robert Softley; Photo: Julie McKenzie

Robert Softley

Featured in September 2005

Graham McLaren on set of Hedda Gabler; Photo: Douglas McBride

Graham McLaren

Featured in August 2005

Anne Marie Timoney in Habitats; Photo: Courtesy Tron Theatre

Pamela Carter

Featured in June 2005

Cat In A Cup's Such is Nature; Photo: Marius Alexander

Xana Mclean and Jo Timmins

Featured in May 2005

Ailie Cohen Puppeteer; Photo: Esther Cohen

Ailie Cohen

Featured in April 2005

Martin Danziger; Photo: Courtesy Martin Danziger

Martin Danziger

Featured in March 2005

Ben Harrison; Photo: Richard Copestake

Ben Harrison

Featured in February 2005

Ian F Macleod; Photo: Paul, Eyeline Photography

Iain F Macleod 

Featured in January 2005

Daniel Demetrius Knee (George Drennan) in Cinderella; Photo: Kevin Low

Forbes Masson

Featured in December 2004

James Brining; Photo: Nicola Young

James Brining

Featured in November 2004

No picture              Ian Smith   
available at        
present                 Featured in October 2004

Focus on

Justin Flagg, How to Steal a Diamond; photo: Jethro Collins 

Vanishing Point's Space 11 Project

A resource sharing project for emerging theatre companies.

The Giant Workshop Space launch; Photo: Hugh Watt, courtesy Giant 


New workshop space launched in Glasgow in May 2007

Licketyspit in Green Whale 2006; Photo: Patrick Redmond Licketyspit

Licketyspit specialise in theatre for children aged between three and twelve.  They are currently touring Green Whale, a piratical adventure on the high seas!

Tron Panto, Jack and the Beanstock,courtesy of Tron Theatre

The Tron Theatre

25th Anniversary celebrations.

The Arches; Photo: Niall Walker

Arches Theatre

The Arches 15th Anniversary.

A Clean Sweep 2004; Photo: Douglas Robertson

Plutôt la Vie

Working in theatrical clowning and taking its production of A Clean Sweep on tour to England and internationally. (July and August 2006)

Babylon Burning image; Photo: Theatre Workshop

Theatre Workshop's community play

Featured in June 2006

Claire Knight, Shopping for Shoes; Picture: © Drew Farrell 07721735041

Visible Fictions

Featured in May 2006

Emily Winter in 'Gypsy'; Photo: Douglas McBride; Courtesy: Dundee Rep

Dundee Rep Theatre

Featured in April 2006

Inferno - beast; Photo: Niall Walker

The Arches

Featured in March 2006


Home web; Photo: National Theatre of Scotland


Featured in February 2006


The Comet Tree; Photo: CosmicSky (Russell and Diego) & NESTA


Featured in December 2005/January 2006

Image from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane; Photo: Richard Campbell

Citizens' Theatre

Featured in November 2005

Vanishing Point's Lost Ones

Vanishing Point

Featured in October 2005

Scene from Black Sun Over Genoa; Photo: courtesy Theatre Workshop

Theatre Workshop

Featured in September 2005

Lewis Howden in theatre babel's Macbeth; Photo: Douglas McBride

theatre babel

Featured in August 2005

SYT's Into the Light; Photo: D8

Scottish Youth Theatre

Featured in July 2005

Altar with sticks; Photo: Yoon Jung Bae

Stellar Quines

Featured in June 2005

TPO's Children's Cheering Carpet; Photo: Davide Venturini


Featured in May 2005


Puppet Animation Festival Logo; Photo Courtesy John Fardell

Puppet Animation Festival

Featured in April 2005

Scene from Ubu; Photo: Courtesy Martin Danziger

Theatre Modo

Featured in March 2005

Cait Davis in Those Eyes, That Mouth; Photo: Richard Campbell

Grid Iron 

Featured in February 2005

Puppets from Am Bradan; Photo: Leila Angus, Brighter Still

Theatre Hebrides

Featured in January 2005

Artwork for Aladdie; Photo: Artwork by Atalanta

The Tron Theatre

Featured in December 2004

Pupils from Kirknewton Primary; Photo: Tim Morozzo

TAG Theatre 

Featured in November 2004

No picture              Big in Falkirk   
available at        
present                 Featured in October 2004

*Theme: The Community Play
*Theme: Children and young people
*Theme: Ensemble theatre
*Theme: Promenade
*Theme: National Theatre Scotland
*Theme: Family Theatre
*Theme: Theatre at Glasgay!
*Theme: Shared resources
*Theme: Theatre and disability
*Theme: Classical theatre
*Theme: Youth theatre
*Theme: Women in Scottish theatre
*Theme: Children's theatre
*Theme: Puppetry
*Theme: Physical theatre
*Theme: Site-specific theatre
*Theme: Gaelic theatre
*Theme: Pantomime
*Theme: Shakespeare
*Theme: Street Art
*Profile: Julie Ellen
*Profile: Chloe Dear
*Profile: Dominic Hill
*Profile: Nabil Shaban
*Profile: Vanishing Point
*Profile: Muriel Romanes
*Profile: TAG Theatre
*Profile: Solar Bear
*Profile: Al Seed
*Profile: Virginia Radcliffe
*Profile: Jacqueline McKay
*Profile: Gregory Thomson
*Profile: Fiona Colliss
*Profile: Peter Clerke
*Profile: Tessa Rennie
*Profile: Irene MacDougall
*Profile: Sandy Thomson
*Profile: Caroline Newall
*Profile: Lisa McIntosh
*Profile: Johnny McKnight
*Profile: David Leddy
*Profile: Robert Softley
*Profile: Graham McLaren
*Profile: Pamela Carter
*Profile: Xana Maclean and Jo Timmins
*Profile: Ailie Cohen
*Profile: Martin Danziger
*Profile: Ben Harrison
*Profile: Iain F Macleod
*Profile: Forbes Masson
*Profile: James Brining
*Profile: Ian Smith
*Focus: Vanishing Point Space 11
*Focus: Giant
*Focus: Licketyspit
*Focus: Tron Theatre is 25
*Focus: Arches Theatre
*Focus: Plutôt la Vie
*Focus: Theatre Workshop's community play
*Focus: Visible Fictions
*Focus: Dundee Rep
*Focus: The Arches
*Focus: NTS Home
*Focus: Horsecross
*Focus: Citizens' Theatre
*Focus: Vanishing Point
*Focus: Theatre Workshop
*Focus: theatre babel
*Focus: Scottish Youth Theatre
*Focus: Stellar Quines
*Focus: Imaginate
*Focus: Puppet Animation Festival
*Focus: Theatre Modo
*Focus: Grid Iron
*Focus: Theatre Hebrides
*Focus: Tron Theatre
*Focus: TAG Theatre
*Focus: Big in Falkirk
*Theme: Clowning
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