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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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The Scottish Arts Council is actively involved in developing Scottish drama through its support for venues, promoters and theatres across Scotland.

Find out more about the context and priorities for our support of drama in Scotland or download our quick guide - drama (pdf).

Funded drama projects

Suspended Motion, Paper Thin; Photo: Paul Bock Funded projects

Read about drama projects that have received funding through the Touring and Production and New Work funds in March 2010

Unleashed and Unplugged bursaries

Performer at Feet First - January2009 Unplugged and Unleashed bursaries

In March 2009 the Scottish Arts Council and Federation of Scottish Theatre awarded their first Unplugged and Unleashed bursaries for theatre practitioners...read more


Bank of Scotland Imaginate Festival - May 10th - 16th 2010

Mister Porcelain; Photo: Studio Orka

Bank of Scotland Imaginate Festival

The Bank of Scotland Imaginate Festival returns to Edinburgh for its 21st year, bringing with it an array of new performances from artists across Europe... read more

Drama background 

Theatre in Scotland is created and enjoyed in multiple ways. Through a rich mix of professional, amateur, community and schools drama, theatre reaches every part of Scotland.

Contemporary theatre provides a laboratory of language and ideas, kindles visual and verbal imagination and enables debate and discussion about Scotland ’s cultural and political futures.

Drama is also an educationally holistic medium, exercising design, performance, language and technical skills which increase self-confidence and feed into a range of creative industries.

Theatre is a dynamic channel for communication between the diverse interests of Scottish society – region to region, community to community, generation to generation.

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