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Explorations in Dance - Gail Anderson Sneddon

Gail Anderson Sneddon received a Creative Development Award from the Scottish Arts Council in 2009.

Gail's Work & her Creative Development Award

With a background of movement, scenography and film, Gail's work embraces a range of mediums, depending on the subject matter. In the past, her work has incorporated film and video, animation, choreography, spatial design and sonic work.

Gail says: "My main interests lie particularly in the scientific peculiarities of human psychology and physiology. This area of research opens up a playground for sensory experiences, which feed into my phantasmagorical work."

 Gail Sneddon

Gail Sneddon received a Creative Development Award for creating a multi-screened, moving image installation inspired by the effects and impact on a female life by the condition recognised as Disassociation Identity Disorder (DID).

What is Disassociative Identity Disorder?

Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a psychological condition in which a single person (host) displays multiple distinct identities and personalities, each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment.

The majority of DID patients have experienced an extremely traumatic event in their childhood, usually either psychological or physical abuse. Alternative personalities are formed in order to protect the host personality from having to face the traumatic events of their past. Usually three or four personalities are formed.

Camera & CGI

Camera and computer generated technology were employed through the necessity to represent more accurately the fleshy sexuality, masochistic, violent exposure presented in the art works selected by DID patients.
Gail explored how to 'physicalise' the point of change to the alternate personality. To do this, she used body movement, digital camera, blue screen and computer graphics/visual effect packages. Gail further experimented with different CGI morphing and mirroring techniques, to supplement the restrictions set by the confines of the body movement. This enabled clearer representation and interpretation.

"I wanted to unleash existing movement vocabulary already portrayed by personal body language. Through the use of visualization, improvisation and choreological analysis, I explored archetypal movement qualities (Force, Dynamics, Energy and Tension) with the dancers. Movement phrases were created based on findings from research into each archetypal movement quality."

Gail Anderson Sneddon


After training at the Laban Centre for Movement & Dance and touring internationally as a performer, Gail was driven by her desire to apply choreographic techniques to other artforms. In 1999 Gail set up her own company, Modusforum, creating performance/installation based works which concentrated on combining movement with sound and spatial design. Since completing her MA in Scenography at Central Saint Martins College of Art Design, her work has been firmly concentrated in both Dance and Film.

Previous works include The Fall of Adam commissioned by South East Dance Film and Arts Council England which premiered at The Brighton Festival in May 2006 and was distributed internationally. 

Currently in development is Darkness a live installation based on nyctophobia (fear of the dark).

Phase one was premiered to a sell-out audience at cryptic nights at Centre of Contemporary Arts in Glasgow on 1st October 2009.

To find out more information about Gail and her current work, visit the Gail Sneddon website.

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