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Transit Station Edinburgh

transit station is an ongoing, international exhibition and event featuring live art, physical theatre, experimental electronica, classical music, web broadcast performance, video, poetry, fashion, interventions and lectures.

Transit Station, Edinburgh; Photo: Rosemary Strange and Aron McCloskey

40 artists from Germany, UK, France, Poland, Bolivia, Bosnia, Canada, Korea, Denmark, U.S.A, Austria, Indonesia, Greece, Holland, Egypt, Syria, Japan and Israel have collaborated to create a two-day event of innovative, performance and experience.

Dancer Merav Israel in Coccoon; Photo: Merav Israel

The primary artwork is a 230 sq m. sculpted frame of scaffolding which provides the central framework for artists to collaborate in live art – this serves as a backdrop for performers, audience and ideas - enhancing the space with a dramatic landscape of changing levels, platforms and transitional areas. During the two-day programme the audience will witness non-stop creativity; performers and visitors alike become part of the show, by occupying and experiencing the space and the events held within it.

transit station Edinburgh brought together emerging artists and established practitioners from Scotland and Europe, in changing international contexts, whose work is at the forefront of creative innovation in new media and art.

transit station aims to encourage live art and performance art through the presentation of international events of high calibre.  It aims to bring together artists from various cultures to explore the boundaries, creative potential and collaborative strengths embodied in a highly professional and ongoing network of innovative arts practice. It wants to further public knowledge of these diverse artforms through lively encounters with a wide audience through Europe.


transit station was established at Kingston University London in 2003 by Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith (Artistic Director) and Charles Ryder (Curator). transit station has been on tour since then, transporting artists and their work from London (2003) to Berlin (February 2005) and subsequently to Edinburgh and Krakow (February and June 2006) Istanbul and Barcelona (2007).

Edinburgh based freelance curators Rosemary Strang and Aaron McCloskey visited Berlin in 2005 to see transit station with a view to bringing the event to Edinburgh and were subsequently invited to co-curate Transit Station Edinburgh

'I found transit station Berlin 2005 really exciting because I met, listened to, viewed, experienced and worked with other international artists. It was especially rewarding to be asked by others if I would like  to work with them in the future…'

(Participating musician/composer Rupert Cheek)

For further information please contact: 

Rosemary Strange
Email:  rosemary.strang2@virgin.net
Tel: 0131 332 2533

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