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Oifigear Ùr na h-Ealain agus Cultar / New Gaelic Arts & Culture Officer

A new Gaelic Arts & Culture officer has been appointed in a jointly funded new post by the Scottish Arts Council and Bòrd na Gàidhlig.

Based at Bòrd na Gàidhlig, Scotland’s national agency responsible for Gaelic language development, Brian Ó hEadhra’s role will involve working in consultation with stakeholders to review and, in due course, facilitate the implementation of a National Gaelic Arts Strategy. Working with local authorities, the Gaelic Arts Reference Group and Gaelic arts organisations across Scotland, particularly the Highlands and Islands, Brian will make recommendations to the Scottish Arts Council and Bòrd na Gàidhlig on ways to develop Gaelic arts and culture.

Brian will also liaise with National Performance Companies and National Collections to promote Gaelic arts policy.

We spoke to Brian Ó hEadhra about his big ambitions for Gaelic arts and culture:

“I am delighted and honoured to be appointed to this new post with the Scottish Arts Council and Bòrd na Gàidhlig.  This position allows us to continue our work in the promotion of the Gaelic language as well as ensuring Gaelic artists play a central part in Scotland’s artistic development. 
‘Over the years I have been deeply involved with the Gaelic arts, both as a practitioner and organiser.  I have seen at first hand how the Gaelic arts can have a very positive impact in the development of our language, culture, economy and society. 
‘Through the National Gaelic Arts Strategy we not only have an opportunity to strengthen our traditional arts but also to explore newer art forms in Gaelic.  I look forward to having discourse with the many organisations and individuals who wish to participate in the making and promotion of Gaelic arts. “

Ian Smith, Head of Music, Scottish Arts Council added:
“The Scottish Arts Council has been working in partnership with Bòrd na Gàidhlig to promote and develop a significant portfolio of Gaelic arts. We are looking forward to this exciting collaboration with Bòrd na Gàidhlig, which demonstrates our combined commitment to the future of Gaelic arts and having a presence in Inverness will also help the Scottish Arts Council’s general communication and engagement with the Highlands and Islands. This is a unique development for both Bòrd na Gàidhlig and the Scottish Arts Council and demonstrates the importance of the Gaelic language and Diaspora in Scotland’s thriving creative environment. ”

Tha Gàidhlig mar phàirt bheò chudromach de dhualchas chultarach fharsaing na h-Alba. Ann an cunntas-sluaigh 2001, nochd timcheall air 1.9% de dhaoine ann an Alba thairis air dà bhliadhna dh’ aois gu robh iad comasach air Gàidhlig a labhairt, a leughadh, a sgrìobhadh agus a thuigsinn.
Ann an iomadach dòigh, tha cliù chultarach Alba ceangailte gu daingeann ris a’ chànan Ghàidhlig. Le bhith a’ maoineachadh ionmhais agus a’ brosnachadh leasachaidh tha Comhairle Ealain na h-Alba airson dèanamh fìor chinnteach gun cum ealain Ghàidhlig an àite aig cridhe beatha chultarach na rìoghachd. Tha sinn cuideachd a’ gabhail ris an dàimh bheòthail chudromach a tha eadar cànan is ealain agus cultar is ionnanachd na dùthaich.

(English Translation):
Gaelic is a vital and living part of Scotland’s diverse cultural heritage.   At the 2001 census, approximately 1.9% of people in Scotland aged 2 years and over identified themselves as speaking, reading, writing or understanding Gaelic.

In so many ways, Scotland’s cultural distinctiveness is firmly bound up with Gaelic.  By providing funds and encouraging development, the Scottish Arts Council is determined to ensure that the Gaelic arts maintain a place at the heart of the nation’s cultural life.  We also acknowledge the vital and central relationship of language and arts to the nation’s culture and identity.

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