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Thirteen hands are lucky for crafts

Listening to children is not always easy.  But it was a decision to not only do this but also to give a group of primary school children complete responsibility for an exhibition of contemporary craft which has created one of Scotland’s most innovative exhibitions.

‘Europa’ spalted beech by Angus Clyne; Photo: Lindsey & Fiona
The idea started in the Spring of 2000 with one person, Pamela Conacher, who had recently become crafts advisor to Room 13 at Caol Primary School in Fort William. (photo by Lindsey and Fiona from Caol Primary School)

Room 13 is a studio organised and managed by pupils from primary 5, 6 and 7 who can develop their own ideas working with an artist-in-residence.

Her belief was that contemporary crafts were not being explained and exhibited in the Highlands.  It was her involvement with the Room 13 project – combined with a moment of inspiration while relaxing one evening with a gin and tonic – that led to the idea for the ’Thirteen Hands’ exhibition. The concept was to create an exhibition of contemporary craft curated by children from the school, which would then tour the Highlands.

For more on this story please visit the Craftscotland website


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