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Grant McCaig 

Pure forms in silver that enrich the user’s life.

Salt & Pepper by Grant McCaig; Photo: J McKenzie 'A need to construct and make brought me to Silversmithing. I became intrigued by the many ways the silver could be cut, twisted, forged and folded, hammered or spun, to fulfil any idea or design.

To take a space and make something for it holds a great appeal for me and fills me with a kind of wonderment.

Tree Pot by Gramt McCaig; Photo: John K McGregor     Fruit Boat by Grant McCaig; Photo: John K McGregor     Leaf Tray by Grant McCaig; Photo: John K McGregor

My work comes from knowledge of silver and a desire to explore these qualities, to discover the new, create the beautiful and make something original.'

                           Salt & Pepper by Grant McCaig; Photo: J McKenzie         

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