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Georgia Wiseman - jeweller

The aesthetics of Georgia’s work are determined essentially by how far precious materials and their intrinsic qualities can be pushed.

Captured Aquamarine Flat Necklace, Georgia Wiseman; Photo: Georgia Wiseman

Patterns continuously surround us, and the angular forms of modern architecture feed Georgia Wiseman’s interest in rhythmical arrangement, perspective and symmetry. These areas of interest aid her in maintaining a deconstructive way of thinking in relation to designing and her distinctive approach to constructing at the bench.

Georgia strives to encourage successful relationships between the modern sharp lines of the metal structures she designs and the natural qualities of gemstones; the warmth of yellow gold with the dark tones of Onyx, the angles of geometric forms against the natural beauty of pearls and detailed structures holding light refracting facets of diamonds.

 Open Set Marquise Ring, Georgia Wiseman; Photo: Georgia Wiseman

The work consists of three-dimensional structures made from detailed, repeat, handmade units, the starting point of which is always a single piece of wire.

Open Set Tourmaline Ring,Georgia Wiseman; Photo: Georgia Wiseman

The structures are then translated into collections of tactile, three-dimensional forms often with unexpected gemstone highlights such as Tourmalines and Sapphires captured within the jewellery attracting a sense of wonder.

What sets Georgia’s work apart from others is her distinctive and innovative aesthetics, which are created through combining traditional jewellery making techniques and modern technology. These contrasting elements create contemporary classics with a non-traditional approach - bold and sophisticated jewellery.

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