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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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Crafts features archive

The Scottish Arts Council is proud to support the many exciting crafts projects and activities on the go throughout Scotland.  Browse through this list of past features and select one by clicking on the image or hyperlink to read more.   Features include profiles of Scottish craft makers.

To view current features - go to our Crafts Features section

Past featured artists

Double Ridge - double walled inversion, Ø22cm, h14cm, photo - Shannon Tofts


Sarah-Jane Selwood

Read about sarah-Jane Selwood and her work with Clay.

Spaceship, mouse and bean; Photo: Brian Sweeney


mouse and bean

Read about mouse and bean's exciting work in printed textiles.

greybelow detail, by Susan Mowatt, Photo: Shannon Tofts


Susan Mowatt

Read about Susan's exciting work in textiles.

Robin, by Donna Wilson; Photo: Donna Wilson


Donna Wilson

Read about Donna's work in textiles and her current exhibion at the Lighthouse.

Star Cactus’ Hand made glass pendant; Photo: Shannon Tofts


Elin Isaksson

Read Elin Isaksson's personal account of her exciting work with glass.

Corals Collection by Angharad McLaren; Photo: Angharad McLaren


Angharad McLaren

Read Angharad McLaren's personal account of her exciting work with textiles.

Tool Kit no5 2008, Simon Ward; Photo: Simon Ward 


Simon Ward

Simon Ward talks about his work with Ceramics.

tiny vessels with glass, Andrea walsh; Photo: Shannon Tofts 

Andrea Walsh

Andrea talks about her work with Glass and Ceramics.

Peacock Pearl Cluster Pendant 2007, Sarah Hutchison; Photo: Sarah Hutchison 

Sarah Hutchison

Read about Sarah Hutchison's work in Silversmithing and Jewellery.

Greenpiece 90's, by Ray Flavell; Photo: Ray Flavell 

Ray Flavell

Ray Flavell's journeys in Glass.

Lily, Lorna Fraser; Photo: Lorna Fraser 

Lorna Fraser

Read all about Lorna Frasers work in ceramics

Mad March Hare, Eileen Gatt; Photo: Ewen Weatherspoon 

Eileen Gatt

Read all about Eileen Gatts work in jewellery and silversmithing.

Structured Platinum & Diamond Ring; Georgia Wiseman 

Georgia Wiseman

Read about Georgia Wiseman's work in jewellery.

Wavy Door, By Sam Chinnery; Photo: Sam Chinnery 

Sam Chinnery

Read about Sam Chinnerys works in wood.

The Pool, Keiko Mukaide, The Memory of the Place 

Keiko Mukaide

Read about glass artist Keiko's unique installation in a former church in York.

Flora Necklaces, By Emma Gale; Photo: Graham Clark 

Emma Gale

Read about Emma Gale's work in textile jewellery.

Laburnum neckpiece oxidised silver & pearls, Beth Legg 

Beth Legg

Read about Beth Legg's work in jewellery.

The seven deadly birds, Wendy Kershaw 

Wendy Kershaw

Read about Wendy Kershaw's work in ceramics.

Ornate pattern brooch, Marianne Anderson; Photo: Marianne Anderson 

Marianne Anderson

Read about Marianne Anderson's work in jewellery.

Gold Nest July 2006, by Nicola Cairns 

Nicola Cairns

Read about the influences and techniques behind Nicola's glass making.

Highland Rocker, Adrian McCurdy 

Adrian McCurdy

Read more on Adrian McCurdy's furniture.

midnight butterfly wallpaper; Jo Basford 

Johanna Basford

Read more about her bespoke designs.

Extraordinary Expandable Sketchbook Journal 2006; Rachel Hazell, Photo: Shannon Tofts 

Rachel Hazell 

Looking at crafts bookbinder Rachel Hazell

Penannular Brooch Silver 18ct Gold, Dot Sim; Photo: Victor Albrow 

Dot Sim

Looking at crafts Jeweller Dot Sim

Flutter, By Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor; Photo: Ruth Clark 

Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor

Looking at crafts textile artist and designer Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor

Dancing Lines, By Pauline Burbidge; Photo: Keith Tidball

Pauline Burbidge

Looking at crafts Quiltmaker/textile Artist Pauline Burbidge.

Detail Soap Casts, By Deirdre Nelson; Photo: Simon Beesley 

Deirdre Nelson

Looking at crafts Textile Artist Deirdre Nelson.

Meminissee Necklace, By Alison Macleod; Photo: Shannon Tofts 

Alison Macleod

A chance to view the elegant jewellery of maker Alison Macleod, who takes inspiration from her fascination with junk shops.

Halo by Jo Barker, Photo: Jo Barker 

Jo Barker

Jo Barker specialises in creating vibrantly coloured tapestry pieces.

Corsage, By Sara Keith; Photo: Sara Keith 

Sara Keith

Sarah Keith's combines metal and fabric to produce distressed metal textiles and also produces body adornments in silver and silk and wall hangings.

Portrait Gallery Mirror, Fiona Allerdyce-Lewis;Photo: Fiona Allerdyce-Lewis 

Fiona Allardyce-Lewis

Working mostly in watercolour and pen and ink on wood, Fiona creates a wide range of humorously decorated interior items influenced much by Medieval imagery and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. 

Shifting Grids, By Frances Priest; Photo: Shannon Tofts 

Frances Priest

Ceramist Frances Priest creates sculptural ceramic objects combining influences of architecture and elements of colour and drawing.

Coiled; By Lise Bech, Photo: Shannon Tofts 

Lise Bech

Lise Bech's new work in basketmaking takes the form of organic pod shapes and sculptural shapes with gentle curves reflecting the relationship of the Southern landscape. 

Knotted Gate, By Adam Booth; Photo: Adam Booth 

Adam Booth

Adam Booth uses his blacksmithing skills to create functional sculptures, drawing on the site as the design inspiration.

Blue Pond Vase, by Mai Orsted; Photo: Shannon Tofts 

Mai Orsted

Mai Orsted works in hot glass - blown, sculpted and cut - and his new pieces reflect the natural qualities of water and ice.

Salt & Pepper by Grant McCaig; Photo: J McKenzie 

Grant McCaig

Grant McCaig's work in pure silver are inspired by nature or nature's effect on man made objects.

Milliner Hats by Jeanette Sendler, Photo: Joanna Kane 

Jeanette Sendler

Fosusing on Jeanette's work in felt and performance art

Adrenalin by Adam Paxon 

Adam Paxon

Adam Paxon is a designer and internationally recognised jeweller.  He makes one-off pieces of acrylic jewellery, describing them as 'creatures to wear.'

 Basket Flying Blue by Anna King; Photo: Graeme Lees

Anna King

Anna King is a an Edinburgh-based basket maker. 

 Pulse; Photo: Jivan Astfalck

Sandra Wilson

Sandra Wilson is a Dundee-based conceptual jeweller whose work is concerned with the interface between craft and science. 

Berneray Bird, Photo: Kevin McClean

Alison Bell

Alison Bell is a Scottish textile artist who works with digital imaging and printing.

Hothouse girl by Craig Mitchell

Craig Mitchell

Craig was employed by Edinburgh College of Art in January 2001 to present date as a Lecturer in Ceramics.

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