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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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Diversity archive


The Scottish Arts Council is proud to support many exciting projects, artists and organisations working within the diverse communities around Scotland.  Browse through this list of past features and select one by clicking on the image or hyperlink to read more.

To view current features - please visit our features section.


Washing Line of Wishes; Refugee Drama Project

Refugee Week in Scotland 2005

Read about Refugee Week in Scotland, with information on the work of the Scottish Refugee Council.

Exile booklet; Photo: Gerry Loose, Survivors' Press

Ghazi Hussein

Find out about Palestinian poet and author, Ghazi Hussein and read his moving poem 'To Edinburgh'.

Still from Across the Waters; Photo: Sana Bilgrami


Across the Waters

Find out about the work of Sana Bilgrami - including her BAFTA Scotland nominated documentary, 'Across the Waters'.

Mixed Media Carving by Sadia Gul Ibrahim; Photo: Project Ability

Project Ability's Regeneration exhibition

Find out more about the exhibition featuring fine art photography and architecturally inspired carvings exploring the theme of regeneration.

Kapwani Kiwanga; Photo: Kwesi Raphael



Read about Kapwani Kiwanga's film, Rooted, which was nominated for two BAFTA Scotland awards.

Chinese New Year celebrations; Photo: Edinburgh Chinese School

Chinese Community Development Partnership and Edinburgh Chinese School

The Scottish Arts Council supported arts events celebrating the Chinese New Year.  Find out more.

exile booklet; Photo: Gerry Loose, Survivors' Press


Read our feature on the work of Scottish Pen, Artists in Exile Glasgow and Survivors' Press.

danceihayami performing at opening of Scottish Parliament; Photo: Julia Weedon

Danceihayami and OCEANS

The Scottish Arts Council funded a visit to China and India for the organisations to make contacts with artists and arts organisations.  Read the diary here.


Traineeships are supported by the National Lottery through the Scottish Arts Council as part of our cultural diversity implementation strategy.  The profiles below feature some of the trainees, giving background information about them and their work.

Still from Across the Waters; Photo: Sana Bilgrami

Sana Bilgrami - find out about her traineeship with Pilton Video.

Featured in April and May 2005.

Kapwani Kiwanga; Photo: Kwesi Raphael

Kapwani Kiwanga - find out about her traineeship with Edinburgh Mediabase.

Featured in March 2005. 

Basharat Khan

Basharat Khan - read about his traineeship at Project Ability.

Featured in February 2005

Sadia Gul Ibrahim working, with finished piece in background.

Sadia Gul Ibrahim - read about her traineeship at Project Ability.

Featured during December 2004 and January 2005.

Frank McAveety and trainees; Photo: FotoPress

Esmee Lien Thompson - read about her traineeship at Impact Arts.

Featured in November 2004.

Frank McAveety and trainees; Photo: FotoPress James Lwanda - find out more about his traineeship at Glasgow Film Theatre.

Featured in October 2004.

*Profile: James Lwanda
*Profile: Esmee Lien Thompson
*Article: OCEANS/di trip
*Profile: Sadia Gul Ibrahim
*Profile: Basharat Khan
*Scottish Pen
*Article: Chinese New Year
*Profile: Kapwani Kiwanga
*Article: Regeneration
*Article: Rooted
*Profile: Sana Bilgrami
*Article: Across the Waters
*Profile: Ghazi Hussein
*Article: Refugee Week
*Article: Zendeh
* Scottish Pen
* Article: Refugee Week
* Article: Regeneration
* Article: Rooted
* Article: Chinese New Year
* Article: OCEANS/di trip
* Article: Across the Waters
* Profile: Ghazi Hussein
* Profile: Kapwani Kiwanga
* Profile: Basharat Khan
* Profile: Sadia Gul Ibrahim
* Profile: Esmee Lien Thompson
* Profile: James Lwanda
* Profile: Sana Bilgrami
* Article: Zendeh
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