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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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Embracing cultural diversity in Scotland

Continuous migration, both into and out of Scotland, has enriched the nation’s culture and widened horizons and aspirations. 

Mixed Media Carving; Photo: Sadia Gul Ibrahim and Project Ability

We believe everyone who lives in Scotland should be able to tap into their creative potential, without any form of obstacle or prejudice and we are using our funds to promote this principle.

Our door is open to many organisations and we celebrate the fact that Scotland is a diverse, vibrant and progressive country.

Our aims

We are focusing on four broad areas of action which are aimed at mainstreaming culturally diverse arts activities to increase opportunities for audiences and artists.

We want to:

  • increase the number and range of artists from culturally diverse communities working in Scotland
  • improve access to a wide spectrum of arts and cultural activities for minority ethnic people and the general population of Scotland
  • improve employment opportunities in the arts for those from minority ethnic backgrounds
  • encourage mainstream arts organisations to provide broader, more diverse employment and programming.

Cultural diversity reflects mainly Indian, South Asian, Chinese and Afro-Caribbean communities as well as refugees, travellers and asylum seekers.   It does not reflect provision for the Gaelic or Scots population, since their needs are addressed through other means.

Find out more

Read our Cultural Diversity Strategy or other publications relating to diversity.

In Diversity
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New Voices - cultural diversity and the arts in Scotland
Edinburgh Mela 2003; Photo: Pascal Saez
Rajasthani musicians at the Edinburgh Mela 2003; Photo: Pascal Saez.
Dancers at New Voices Hidden Histories conference; Photo: Pascal Saez.
OCEANS dancers, New Voices, Hidden Histories conference; Photo: FotoPress
Dancer at Edinburgh Mela 2003; Photo: Pascal Saez.
Dancers at Beijing tea house; Photo: Julia Weedon
Chun Zan Music Hall, Beijing; Photo: Julia Weedon
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