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As from 1 July 2010, this site will no longer be updated and will be retained for Archive purposes only.

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Have a look at these art games and online workshops. Learn about visual art and test your skill at some of the puzzles and learn more about 3D imaging. There are plenty more out there – if you have an idea for another site to add, please email us.


Play/Create Daniel Brown was nominated as BBC4's Designer of the year in 2004. Play/Create is a collection of his visually stunning and experimental interactive works.


A break in the road

A break in the road Created by Luke Whittaker, winner of this year's Mando Student Website Design Awards.  Explore city streets, collect interesting sound samples, then turn your collection into a funky track - ready for the crowdometer test at the local club.


Mr Picasso Head

Mr Picasso Head

Create your own Mr Picasso Head!!! Get creative and design unique portraits using Cubist art elements. You pick everything from the nose, face, ears, eyes and brows and put them on to the canvas to create your own masterpiece.


Access art - Visual arts online workshops

Access art - Visual arts online workshops

Online workshops on topics like drawing, sculpture, installation art, colour and visual literacy. You can also print out the notes for later.


3D Twirler

3D twirler

Use 3D twirler to design and texturise three-dimensional shapes. Then see how artists create these effects without a computer.




Experiment with sculpting cubes online and create your masterpiece.




Artists use diamond patterns in many ways – you’ll see them as colourful patterns, carefully balanced, energetic shapes or abstract sculpture and architecture. Manipulate and experiment with different diamond games to explore these gymnasts of geometry.


Collage machine

Collage machine

Create collages on line and experiment with different shapes to see the result. Then save or print your art.


Pixel face

Pixel face

An interactive portrait maker and drawing board. You have 49 colors and 24 brushes to play with. Select a model to begin. The sliders adjust pixel size and transparency level.


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